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Thomas H. Lee Partners

Thomas H. Lee Partners is a PE firm that backs tech ventures.

Venture Investor Overview

Venture Investor
Thomas H. Lee Partners
Investor Type
Private Equity
Activity Level
Funds Raised
Industry Focus
Healthcare IT
Internet & IoT

Contact Information

Todd Abbrecht
Managing Director
Mailing Address
100 Federal St.
Boston, MA 02110
Email Address
Not Recorded

Background Information

THL is a leading private equity firm based in Boston, MA. We focus on identifying and obtaining substantial ownership positions in large growth-oriented companies where we can add managerial and strategic expertise to create value for our partners. As one of the oldest and most successful private equity firms, THL has raised approximately $22 billion of equity capital and invested in more than 100 businesses with an aggregate purchase price of more than $125 billion. We seek to build companies of lasting value while generating superior returns for our investors and operating partners.
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Transaction History

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Investor Contacts

Email & Social
Managing Director
Todd Abbrecht
  Todd Abbrecht LinkedIn Profile  Todd Abbrecht Twitter Account  Todd Abbrecht News  Todd Abbrecht on Facebook
Managing Director
Mark Benaquista
  Mark Benaquista LinkedIn Profile  Mark Benaquista Twitter Account  Mark Benaquista News  Mark Benaquista on Facebook
Managing Director
Jay Bhatt
  Jay Bhatt LinkedIn Profile  Jay Bhatt Twitter Account  Jay Bhatt News  Jay Bhatt on Facebook
Managing Director
Michael Borom
  Michael Borom LinkedIn Profile  Michael Borom Twitter Account  Michael Borom News  Michael Borom on Facebook
Managing Director
Joshua Bresler
  Joshua Bresler LinkedIn Profile  Joshua Bresler Twitter Account  Joshua Bresler News  Joshua Bresler on Facebook
Managing Director
James Carlisle
  James Carlisle LinkedIn Profile  James Carlisle Twitter Account  James Carlisle News  James Carlisle on Facebook
Managing Director
Anthony DiNovi
  Anthony DiNovi LinkedIn Profile  Anthony DiNovi Twitter Account  Anthony DiNovi News  Anthony DiNovi on Facebook
Managing Director
Laura Grattan
  Laura Grattan LinkedIn Profile  Laura Grattan Twitter Account  Laura Grattan News  Laura Grattan on Facebook
Managing Director
Douglas Haber
  Douglas Haber LinkedIn Profile  Douglas Haber Twitter Account  Douglas Haber News  Douglas Haber on Facebook
Managing Director
Thomas Hagerty
  Thomas Hagerty LinkedIn Profile  Thomas Hagerty Twitter Account  Thomas Hagerty News  Thomas Hagerty on Facebook
Managing Director
Charles Holden
  Charles Holden LinkedIn Profile  Charles Holden Twitter Account  Charles Holden News  Charles Holden on Facebook
Managing Director
Daniel Jones
  Daniel Jones LinkedIn Profile  Daniel Jones Twitter Account  Daniel Jones News  Daniel Jones on Facebook
Managing Director
Katherine Krone
  Katherine Krone LinkedIn Profile  Katherine Krone Twitter Account  Katherine Krone News  Katherine Krone on Facebook
Managing Director
Gregory Maxon
  Gregory Maxon LinkedIn Profile  Gregory Maxon Twitter Account  Gregory Maxon News  Gregory Maxon on Facebook
Managing Director
Joshua Nelson
  Joshua Nelson LinkedIn Profile  Joshua Nelson Twitter Account  Joshua Nelson News  Joshua Nelson on Facebook
Managing Director
Soren Oberg
  Soren Oberg LinkedIn Profile  Soren Oberg Twitter Account  Soren Oberg News  Soren Oberg on Facebook
Managing Director
Ganesh Rao
  Ganesh Rao LinkedIn Profile  Ganesh Rao Twitter Account  Ganesh Rao News  Ganesh Rao on Facebook
Managing Director
Scott Sperling
  Scott Sperling LinkedIn Profile  Scott Sperling Twitter Account  Scott Sperling News  Scott Sperling on Facebook
Managing Director
Jeff Swenson
  Jeff Swenson LinkedIn Profile  Jeff Swenson Twitter Account  Jeff Swenson News  Jeff Swenson on Facebook
Managing Director
Kent Weldon
  Kent Weldon LinkedIn Profile  Kent Weldon Twitter Account  Kent Weldon News  Kent Weldon on Facebook
Managing Director
Gregory White
  Gregory White LinkedIn Profile  Gregory White Twitter Account  Gregory White News  Gregory White on Facebook
Managing Director
Shari Wolkon
  Shari Wolkon LinkedIn Profile  Shari Wolkon Twitter Account  Shari Wolkon News  Shari Wolkon on Facebook



No fund closings have been recorded for this company.


Portfolio Companies

Thomas H. Lee Partners has invested in the companies below, according to our database records. If we are missing a portfolio company, please let us know.

Tech Company





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