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Venture Capital Firm Lists By State is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

Looking to meet with venture capital firms? We've aggregated state-specific lists of VC firms. Find the right VC firm to pitch, wow them, and you may soon be off to the raises with a VC funding round in hand!

Venture Capital Firm Lists By State

  • Directory of Venture Capital Firms - Looking for venture capital firms? Tap into our lists of venture capitalists by state. One of the VC firms in our directory may be able and willing to fund your company.
  • Alabama Venture Capital Firms - Alabama has plenty of great VC opportunities for entrepreneurs. Check out our list of Alabama venture capital firms for your small business.
  • Alaska Venture Capital Firms - Trying to fund a small business startup in Alaska? Venture capital could be the answer. Take a look at some of the most promising VC firms for Alaskan SMBs.
  • Arizona Venture Capital Firms - The temperature isn't the only thing that's hot in Arizona. Our directory of venture capital firms is on fire with opportunities for small business startup funding.
  • Arkansas Venture Capital Firms - Capitalization is critical for Arkansas business startups because without adequate resources, your startup is going nowhere. Start your funding search with our list of Arkansas venture capital firms.
  • California Venture Capital Firms - Funding a California small business startup isn't getting any easier. Give your new business an edge with our list of the top venture capital firms in California.

  • Colorado Venture Capital Firms - Still struggling to secure adequate startup funding? We've got you covered with our list of Colorado VC firms.
  • Connecticut Venture Capital Firms - The difference between profitable startups and small business failures often boils down to capitalization. Our directory of Connecticut VC firms can help your Connecticut SMB startup beat the odds and achieve long-term success.
  • Delaware Venture Capital Firms - Delaware is an attractive state for small business startups. But the best Delaware startups seek out adequate funding before they launch -- starting with our list of the best venture capital opportunities in Delaware.
  • District of Columbia Venture Capital Firms - The District of Columbia offers a multitude of business opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs. Now you can transform your business ownership dreams into reality with our directory of DC venture capital firms.
  • Florida Venture Capital Firms - More than a half million businesses close each year in Florida, often because they lack sufficient funding. Start your small business the right way with our list of top venture capital investors in Florida.
  • Georgia Venture Capital Firms - Is a Georgia small business startup on your mind? If so, then it's time to take a look at our list of leading Georgia VC firms to explore venture capital funding opportunities in the Peach State.
  • Hawaii Venture Capital Firms - Venture capital isn't right for everyone. But if you're a growth-minded Hawaii small business owner, you can't afford to ignore our list of Hawaii venture capital firms.
  • Idaho Venture Capital Firms - There are two kinds of businesses in Idaho: Capitalized and under-capitalized. Our list of Idaho small business venture capital firms can go a long way toward providing your SMB with the resources it needs to achieve its goals and growth objectives.
  • Illinois Venture Capital Firms - Every year, more than 250,000 businesses are launched in the state of Illinois. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these startups won't survive their first year because they lack adequate funding. Get your Illinois business started on the right foot with our list of Illinois venture capital firms.
  • Indiana Venture Capital Firms - Indiana is a land of opportunity for small business startups. But it takes funding to translate opportunity into bottom line profitability -- and our directory of the best Indiana venture capital firms can help you get started.
  • Iowa Venture Capital Firms - Iowa small business owners are known for their tenacity. Unfortunately, commitment alone won't guarantee a successful business startup -- it also takes funding. And for that, you need our directory of the most promising venture capital firms in Iowa.
  • Kansas Venture Capital Firms - Capitalization is key for Kansas small business startups. Our list of Kansas VC firms can help your new company secure the resources it needs to succeed in the Sunflower State.
  • Kentucky Venture Capital Firms - Having trouble finding resources to launch your small business in Kentucky? Our list of venture capital firms in Kentucky is full of funding opportunities for your new company.
  • Louisiana Venture Capital Firms - The past few years haven't been easy for Louisiana small businesses. But now, investors are stepping up to the plate for Louisiana SMBs. Check out our directory of Louisiana venture capital firms to explore funding sources for your Louisiana-based startup.
  • Maine Venture Capital Firms - Maine is a great place to start a small business. Get your small business dream off the ground with our directory of the best venture capital firms in Maine.
  • Maryland Venture Capital Firms - We get it -- funding is one of the biggest challenge your Maryland small business startup faces. Our Maryland VC investor list is here to help you secure the resources that are critical to your startup's success.
  • Massachusetts Venture Capital Firms - Don't let funding challenges get you down. Starting a business in Massachusetts just got a little easier with our directory of the best VC firms Massachusetts has to offer.
  • Michigan Venture Capital Firms - With nearly a million small businesses in the Wolverine State, Michigan is a ripe climate for SMB startups. We'll help put you on the path to success with our list of the leading VC firms in Michigan.
  • Minnesota Venture Capital Firms - Small businesses represent the majority of Minnesota employers. Our directory of Minnesota venture capital firms is full of funding opportunities to help you become a player in Minnesota's thriving small business community.
  • Mississippi Venture Capital Firms - Small businesses have a strong presence in the Magnolia State. If you're a Mississippi startup entrepreneur, your journey to SMB ownership begins with our list of Mississippi's best small business venture capital firms.
  • Missouri Venture Capital Firms - Small businesses are the backbone of Missouri's economy. As a prospective Missouri small business owner, you can begin your entrepreneurial quest with our list of the top small business venture capital firms in Missouri.
  • Montana Venture Capital Firms - Can't find funding for your Montana business startup? Rather than launching an undercapitalized company, check out our directory of Montana venture capital firms.
  • Nebraska Venture Capital Firms - Nebraska is an appealing location for small business startups. But what you may not know is that it is also a great place to secure investors. Here's our list of venture capital funding opportunities in Nebraska.
  • Nevada Venture Capital Firms - It's never a good idea to roll the dice on funding for a business startup. Eliminate the uncertainty from your startup funding with our directory of Nevada venture capital companies.
  • New Hampshire Venture Capital Firms - Starting a small business in New Hampshire? You're not alone -- each year, approximately 50,000 businesses open their doors in the Granite State. Our list of New Hampshire small business VC firms will help insure your New Hampshire startup has the resources and funding it needs for success.
  • New Jersey Venture Capital Firms - New Jersey is a hotbed for small business activity. Discover the funding opportunities successful New Jersey entrepreneurs rely on with our directory of the best venture capital investment firms in New Jersey.
  • New Mexico Venture Capital Firms - New Mexico has a vibrant small business sector. If you're thinking about starting a small business in Mexico, you need to check out our New Mexico venture capital firm directory to discover funding opportunities for your New Mexico-based startup.
  • New York Venture Capital Firms - Venture capitalists love New York State small businesses. If your New York small business is short on resources, take a look at our list of NY venture capital investors.
  • North Carolina Venture Capital Firms - North Carolina small business startups need capital to survive in today's economic climate. Our North Carolina VC list has the contacts you need to properly fund your NC startup.
  • North Dakota Venture Capital Firms - Your North Dakota small business startup is dead in the water without sufficient capital. Our directory of North Dakota VC firms can pave the way for growth and profitability in your company.
  • Ohio Venture Capital Firms - Any business expert worth his salt knows that undercapitalization is the most common cause of Ohio small business failures. Avoid the undercapitalization trap with our directory of the top venture capital investment firms in Ohio.
  • Oklahoma Venture Capital Firms - Undercapitalization is a rookie small business mistake. To help your startup stay on course, we've complied a list of the most promising venture capital firms in Oklahoma.
  • Oregon Venture Capital Firms - Is your Oregon small business startup having problems with financing? Maybe it's time to consider venture capital. Our Oregon venture capitalist list will help you get started.
  • Pennsylvania Venture Capital Firms - With enough funding, you're confident your Pennsylvania small business can be profitable. Our Pennsylvania venture capital firm list lets you translate your confidence into venture capital funding for your company.
  • Rhode Island Venture Capital Firms - There's nothing small about small businesses in Rhode Island. With more than 100,000 active small businesses, Rhode Island has the attention of venture capitalists. Here's a list of Rhode Island VC firms that may be interested in investing in your Rhode Island SMB.
  • South Carolina Venture Capital Firms - It's time to start looking for investors for your South Carolina small business. The first step is to spend some time looking through our directory of South Carolina venture capital investors.
  • South Dakota Venture Capital Firms - You know all about your South Dakota small business's potential. Now it's time to communicate your optimism to investors, starting with our list of venture capital funds in South Dakota.
  • Tennessee Venture Capital Firms - There are more than a half million small businesses located in the state of Tennessee. Our directory of Tennessee venture capital funds will help give your Tennessee small business the funding edge it needs to the top of the heap.
  • Texas Venture Capital Firms - Texas small business startups are prime investment targets for venture capitalists. Put the ball in your court with our directory of Texas VC funds.
  • Utah Venture Capital Firms - Venture capital can be a great alternative to traditional commercial financing. Our list of Utah VC firms can help your Utah-based small business secure the funding it needs when commercial financing is hard to come by.
  • Vermont Venture Capital Firms - Your Vermont-based small business startup needs capital to survive beyond its critical first year. Since banks are tightening up their lending criteria for SMBs, our Vermont venture capital firm list may be your best source for startup funding.
  • Virginia Venture Capital Firms - Your small business is poised for growth. Our Virginia venture capital list contains the names of leading VC firms for your Virginia-based small business.
  • Washington Venture Capital Firms - Lacking of funding is a major contributor to small business failures in Washington State. Our venture capital fund directory for Washington is designed to help your small business secure the funding it needs to achieve long-term growth and sustainability.
  • West Virginia Venture Capital Firms - If you're starting a business or expanding an existing company in the Mountain State, funding is your first priority. Find West Virginia venture capitalists in our VC directory and secure the resources you need to take your West Virginia small business to the next level.
  • Wisconsin Venture Capital Firms - As a Wisconsin small business owner, you know how hard it can be to secure a commercial loan for your SMB. Our venture capital directory for Wisconsin may be the gateway to the funding your business can't live without.
  • Wyoming Venture Capital Firms - On the prowl for venture capital funding for your Wyoming small business? Our Wyoming venture capital directory contains the names of the leading Wyoming VC funds for small businesses.




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