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Venture capital is a key driver of innovation and economic growth. We offer information on venture capital firms, including a comprehensive venture capital directory, and provide tips on how to raise venture capital funding for your business.

Venture Capital Funding

  • Venture Capitalists: No Means No (Referrals) - Many people are taught in business school, conferences, and seminars to "always ask for a referral if you are rejected." In some circumstances, this is sound advice. But when soliciting venture capitalists, asking for a referral after you have been rebuffed is an inappropriate breach of courtesy.
  • Do You Really Need Venture Capital - More and more companies are emerging as profitable sustainable businesses with out ever having raised a dollar from outside investors. Sure Venture Capital has its welcome benefits, but it does not guarantee your success. If so many firms are creating sustainable profitable businesses with outside capital, why are you so adamant about trying to raise funding?
  • Choosing VC Firms - Many entrepreneurs seeking venture capital assume that the venture capitalists call all the shots. In fact, you need to be as selective as the VC firm, if not more.
  • Relationship Advice For Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists - Sometimes entrepreneurs and venture capitalists get into fights like cats and dogs owned by an old married couple. Here's how to avoid those volatile circurmstances.
  • Obtaining Funding - Getting Venture Capital - Need money to start a company? This article discusses the benefits and disadvantages to meeting with venture capitalists.
  • Venture Capital Firm - It takes hard work to secure venture capital. But is your small business prepared to work with your VC firm after you get a funding commitment?

  • VC Firms on Twitter - Wondering how to raise venture capital? You might start by networking with venture capitalists on Twitter.
  • Venture Capital Fund - Ambitious SMBs aggressively pursue venture capital but often have no idea how venture capital funds really work. We'll take you behind the scenes and show you the mechanics that govern healthy VC funds.
  • How Much Venture Capital Is There? - How much venture capital is there? It doesn't matter. What matters is how much venture capital there is that might be right for your business.
  • Venture Capital Funds - Interested in venture capital? Before you go to far down the VC road, here are five things you needs to look for in prospective venture capital funds.
  • Raising Venture Capital Money - Do you need equity financing? Are you raising money from venture capitalists? We discuss gettting venture capital money in this useful article.
  • Venture Capital Groups - Should your SMB pursue venture capital groups or angel investors? It might not seem like a big deal, but it's a distinction that can have major ramifications for your company.
  • Raising VC Money for Social Networking Companies - Raising money for a social networking venture? Before you spend too many cycles pitching venture capitalists, you'll want to read this article on raising VC funds for social networking companies.
  • Venture Capital Investors - Venture capital investors can be a great funding source for your SMB. But to seal the deal, you'll need to know what motivates venture capital investors and how to encourage them to invest in your company.
  • Obtaining Funding From a Venture Capitalist - How do you obtain funding from a Venture Capitalist? Here, we discuss the process of due diligence in determining how much money your business can receive.
  • Venture Capitalists - Venture capitalists are mythical creatures in the small business community -- often talked about, but seldom seen or understood. We'll dispel the myths and tell you what your business needs to connect with venture capitalists.
  • Famous Venture Capitalists - We've picked five famous venture capital investors to showcase. These famous venture capitalists have distinguished themselves through great investments, intriguing personalities, and a deep commitment to the entrepreneurial process.
  • Venture Capital Management - Venture capital is typically seen as a source of investment funding for growing SMBs. But what else can venture capital management teams bring to the table?
  • Pitching a Venture Capitalist - Ever wonder what it's really like to pitch a venture capitalist? Below is a perspective from a pitch meeting at a Top 5 Venture Capital firm on Sand Hill Rd. in the heart of Silicon Valley. Read this article to find out what really goes on in a pitch meeting.
  • Venture Funds - Venture funds are a viable way for entrepreneurs to finance aggressive growth strategies. Before you pull the trigger, you need to understand what distinguishes venture capitalists from strategic investors and traditional lenders.
  • Dealing With Venture Capitalists - When dealing with VC firms, there are a few things to watch out for. We discuss a few things VCs might say that you shouldn't simply take at face value.
  • Venture Capital - You've decided to pursue venture capital as a vehicle for funding your company's aggressive growth strategy. Now here's what you need to know to attract the right VC firm and make the most of your venture capital experience.
  • What to Look For in a VC Term Sheet - If you've gotten to the point where you've been handed a term sheet from a potential venture capitalist or investor, congratulations, but the road doesn't end here. Term sheets over the years have gotten more and more complex and investors insert more terms that tilt the favor in their direction.
  • VC Funds - VC funds are primarily interested in funding established companies that are poised for rapid growth. But is it possible to obtain VC funds for a SMB startup?
  • The State of Venture Capital - Venture Capital invested the lowest amount in 2009 since 1997 with only $17.7 BN being invested by VC firms compared to $30BN in 2007 and $104BN during the boom in 2000. With VC investments being reduced, what does this mean for the entrepreneur?
  • Business Development Company - Designed to provide early stage capital for small companies, the business development company concept is an alternative to venture capital funding and offers several important advantages to both entrepreneurs and average investors.




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