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When to Buy a Small Business Server Computer

Business servers have transformed the small business workplace. If you haven't embraced server technology yet, here are a few clear signs that you can't put it off any longer -- it's time to buy a small business server computer.

The decision to implement a business server should never be taken lightly.

The right server solution can deliver a substantial ROI for a small business. But it also requires an upfront investment and the possibility of a prolonged implementation process. More importantly, if you haven't adequately thought through the functions you need your server to perform you could end up with a system that is underpowered or mismatched to your workplace.

But sooner or later, nearly every small business will encounter a circumstance that requires server technology. But knowing when to buy a small business server computer isn't as intuitive as it seems. Here are some of the common signs and indications that a server installation is on the horizon . . .

You have multiple staff members.

Companies with multiple staff members who regularly share files or access common data can benefit tremendously from server technology. Instead of passing files back and forth, your workers can access the same information and application in a single, centralized location.

You have an inadequate backup system.

Business servers are famous for their ability to offload companywide data backup requirements. If you're concerned that your employees aren't adequately backing up their files and data, it's definitely time to install a server that will automatically backup data at weekly, daily and even hourly intervals.

You want to implement CRM or other business applications.

Many advanced business applications require business server technology. For example, don't even think about installing CRM until you have installed a business server that is capable of centralizing customer data in a single place.

You are concerned about data security.

Business servers are highly secure data management and storage platforms. Users can be assigned variable authorization levels so you can restrict access to sensitive data, information and files. Server firewalls can also be installed to eliminate the possibility of an external security breach.

You're tired of upgrading everyone's software.

Servers eliminate the need for you or your IT department to upgrade software applications on individual computers. All it takes is a single software upgrade on the server to get your people up and running with a new version.

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