August 5, 2020  
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Why buy a business? We take a look at the pros and cons of buying a business. What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with purchasing a company versus starting a business from scratch?

Why Buy a Business

  • Buying a Business - Interested in buying a business? Want to know how to buy a business? First, consider if it's right for you.
  • Buying a Business to Get an Established Customer Base - There are a lot of reasons why entrepreneurs buy new businesses. But one of the main reasons to buy a business instead of starting a business from scratch is to get access to an existing customer base.
  • Buying a Business to Avoid Trial By Error - Never underestimate the value of a proven business model. When you buy a business, you avoid making all of the mistakes that the previous owner made when they started the business from scratch.
  • Buying a Business to Get Acquisition Capital - Financing is a critical factor in new business ownership. Strangely enough, lenders who won't lend money for a startup concept are happy to lend money if you are buying an existing business. Here's why buying a business to get acquisition capital makes sense.
  • Buying vs. Starting a Business - For will be entrepreneurs, the decision of build vs. buy can be an important one and one that is often overlooked by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs like to create and build off of their own ideas, not buy into other businesses, but buying a business may be the way to go for many.
  • Buying a Business Versus Starting a Business - Buy a business or start a business? Purchasing a business has some inherent advantages over starting a business from scratch.

  • Buying a Business to Get an Established Brand - Starting a business from scratch means building a brand from scratch not an easy task in today's highly competitive business environment. Consider buying a business instead and you'll inherit an established brand.
  • Buying a Business to Buy a Salary - In a difficult job market, many new business buyers are buying a job. Instead of collecting unemployment, does it actually make sense to buy a business and provide yourself with your own salary?




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