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Windows 7


Windows 7 Professional for Small Businesses

Windows 7 Professional was designed to meet the needs of today's portable workforce. If you're an on-the-go small business leader, Windows 7 Professional could be the operating system you need to work more securely – wherever your business takes you.

Let's be honest . . . Business users have dramatically different computing requirements than the average home user.

Although the hardware may be the same, business users often have software and platform needs that simply can't be accommodated by consumer-grade solutions. That's especially true when it comes to the operating system you rely on to run your PC.

There are a multitude of reasons why business users demand more from their operating systems than home users. Portability, fast setup times and computing security are especially relevant concerns for business users. Facing intense mobility requirements, today's road warriors can't afford to settle for a solution with glitches and compatibility concerns.

Windows 7 alleviates many of the issues that surrounded the Windows Vista release. Windows 7 Professional targets business users, providing a work anywhere solution with the features and benefits required for a fast-paced business computing environment. Here's what small businesses can expect from Windows 7 Professional.

  • XP mode. Many business users hesitate to upgrade to Windows 7 because they are concerned they won't be able to run programs that require a Windows XP operating system. That's a valid concern, so Windows 7 Professional offers Windows XP mode, a feature that lets you run XP programs in a different Window.
  • Productivity benefits. Although it isn't a complete redesign, Windows 7 takes the Windows Vista concept and streamlines it with significant improvements to the taskbar, system tray and other areas that slowed down Vista users. With Windows 7 Professional, you receive a fully functional OS that puts your productivity concerns front and center.
  • Data security. Windows Vista's security features were a double-edged sword. Users had better protection against security threats, but had to navigate a series of annoying permissions whenever they opened unknown programs or changed settings. Windows 7 Professional's security is even better than Vista and its UAC has been modified to avoid unwanted workflow interruptions.
  • Multimedia. With Windows 7 Professional, you still have access to multimedia applications like Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center as well as on-demand Internet TV.
  • Portability features. Windows 7 Professional is designed to meet the mobility demands that are commonplace in many small business work environments. Traveling personnel will appreciate features like remembering preferred printers on each network (no more settings changes!), streamlined presentation setup, better power management and fast wireless connections.

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