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4 Crucial Things Missing on Business Cards

Written by Ashwin Satyanarayana for Gaebler Ventures

Business cards don't just have to be plastic cards exchanged because they have to be exchanged; they can be used for better marketing your business better. However, for cards to be this effective, these cards need to have crucial elements. See what they are:

Business cards are those things you brandish out, the first thing you do after meeting someone professionally, don't you?

It's precious real estate - those little rectangular spaces could have been used for anything; to sell, to make a statement, to remind others about what you do and a lot more. Instead, the back remains bare while the front only has your name and address which is probably known to the recipient of your business card. Something is missing, isn't it? Here are four crucial elements that might be missing on your card:

A card that makes an impact

Most business cards are plain white. Slapped with the business logo on the front and a name with a designation bang in the middle of the card, most business cards are not even worth looking at once. For those who are receiving your card, your name or your company will not matter. All that matters to them is something that can catch their eye, make them talk about it. Most keep it because they have to. Create cards that are out of world - you may use another material (wood, glass, stone?); have them created in another shape, etc. Memorable cards or those than make an impact get more eye balls.

A simple statement that tells others what you do - elevator pitch on a card

A name, designation and a number on your card doesn't impress anyone except yourself. Just having your company's name and logo on the card doesn't say anything about it or communicate what the business is about to others, does it? Have a small tag line on the card that states very simply, but effectively, as to what you or your company or business is all about. Heard of elevator pitches? Have a four or five word one-liner that does this job effectively.

A powerful message to grab attention, generate Interest and desire while finally eliciting a response

Everywhere else your name, number and designation isn't present, there ought to be some copy -- especially on the backside (which is usually left out unused). Write some head-turning, truly effective copy on your business cards. One copywriter I know has this on her card: "Sales down in the dumps? Want more business? I guarantee you profits or you don't pay. Call me". What can you do on similar lines for your company?

An incentive to keep it

People usually keep cards with the intention of networking or keeping in touch. Why not give them a reason for really keeping your card? You could have a yearly calendar on the back of your card so your recipient now has a pocket calendar? Perhaps you could make your business card made of stone so that your recipients can use it as paper weight? Did you consider designing it so well that your recipients just keep it on their table as a show piece?

Ash has an undergraduate degree in engineering and an MBA from Ohio University. Today he is a corporate trainer, business coach and a freelance writer.

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