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You have a lot of choices in business card fonts. But which font is the best font for your business card? The answer isn't as easy as you might think.

Choosing a font for your business card can be an overwhelming experience.

With an endless supply of choices at your fingertips, it's tempting to believe that the perfect font is just a mouse click away. Although it's hard to identify the "right" font for your business card, there are definitely some wrong ones that you will want to avoid.

Here are a few basic suggestions to guide your search if font problems are standing in the way of a business card you can be proud to put your name on:

  • Keep it simple. The most effective business card fonts are usually the simplest. Elaborate fonts have their place a business card is not one of them. If the font you choose for your business card can be described as flashy, distracting or even annoying, then you've missed the mark. Start over and look for a simpler font selection.
  • Think about style & aesthetics. Let's face it: Some fonts are just more attractive than others. Although fonts don't have to be elaborate to be aesthetically pleasing you should remember that your font makes a statement about your business. Simple is good, but instead of settling for an ugly font hold out for one with clean lines and a little more sophistication.
  • Consider readability. Above everything else fonts have to be readable. Readability is especially important for business card fonts because most people won't invest much time reading your business card. If it can't be read with a quick glance, it probably won't be read at all. Font size is also a factor in the readability of your business card. For most fonts, your name should appear in either 8 or 9 point, and your contact information should appear 1 point smaller (i.e. 7 or 8 point). Your business card should never contain fonts that are below 6 point or above 11 point.
  • Don't forget numbers. You love the way the letters look in your font. But what about the numbers? Since the contact information on your business card will contain a lot of digits, make you approve of the way numbers appear before selecting your font.

Ultimately, your font choice will boil down to personal preference and the tone you are trying to convey through your business card. However, some fonts tend to turn up more often than others on business cards. In addition to the standard Times New Roman, executives frequently rely on Arial, Bookman, and Century Gothic to communicate their contact information to the world.

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