August 14, 2020  

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Wouldn't it be nice if your business website was an instant success the day you launched it? Sadly, that rarely happens. Continual improvement is the name of the game, and the best enable for website improvements is a thorough understanding of web analytics.


  • Web Site Traffic Statistics - If you've wondered how to check Web site traffic statistics, you've come to the right place. We take a look at the benefits of checking traffic statistics and where to get Web site traffic statistics.
  • Unique Visitors vs. Page Loads - What makes your Web site more productive, or what makes your Web site a success? Here we take a look at the number of unique visitors and page loads. What do you look for to determine if people are looking at your site?
  • Web Analytics - Good web analytics software will help you track how visitors use your site so you can refine the site to get better results. Simply put, this software analyzes your web server logs and reports on trends within the data -- but there's much more to web analytics than that, as we explain in this article.
  • How to use Google Analytics - Google Analytics can be confusing when you are first learning how to use it. Yet, after reading through the entire article you will have a thorough understanding of what each term means and how to interpret the data.
  • Evaluating Website Statistics - Are you always aware of what's happening at your website? How many unique visitors did you get and which pages did they look at? If you have no idea, you need to become an expert at interpreting your website's statistics.




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