August 12, 2020  
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Finding an angel investor might be exactly what you need to achieve your business goals. We offer a primer on angel investors, angel investor networks and ways to find angel investors. We also have an angel investor directory that provides a list of angel investor groups by state.

Angel Investor

  • Angel Investors - Wondering how to find angel investors? Finding angel investors starts with a thorough understanding of the pros and cons of getting angel investors. Make sure it's the right move for your business before you start seeking investors.
  • Attracting Angel Investors - Part Three - If you’re looking to raise funding for a business, be sure you know what to expect during the fund raising process. Angel investors look for and expect very specific attributes from entrepreneurs that they fund and understanding those attributes will help you better be prepared to meet and exceed investor expectations.
  • Attracting Angel Investors - Part One - Angel investors are often the first professional investors to invest in startups, however very few entrepreneurs understand what angel investors look for and expect from companies that they invest in. The fund raising process is becoming ever more competitive and being able to meet investor requirements the first time around will increase your likelihood of raising the capital you need.
  • Attracting Angel Investors - Part Two - Every entrepreneur needs to understand the fund raising process, not only from their perspective, but from the perspective of the investor.
  • Raising Money from Angel Investors - Professional venture capital firms invest about $12 billion a year in helping start and develop businesses. Angel investors invest $60 billion a year.
  • Business Investors - Business investors play an important role in launching and growing small businesses.




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