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Becoming a Better Salesman

Written by Kathryn Lang for Gaebler Ventures

The right system will help an entrepreneur become a better salesman and also train other salespeople to reach their potential. The keys all center around understanding and focusing on the customer.

Every sale ever made started with a person.

The moment a salesman understands this one idea that salesman will be on the path to becoming top in the field. Entrepreneurs looking to grow a sales business should learn and study the keys to being a better salesperson. Entrepreneurs that are teaching others to sale will also benefit by teaching the keys to those they are training.

More sales mean more commission for most salespeople in the industry. The problem comes up when the salesperson focuses more on the commission than on the person. Learning to make helping others the priority in any sales will give the salesperson an edge when it comes to making sales. People are more likely to buy when they are being helped than when they are being sold an item.

Entrepreneurs live in a dog-eat-dog world and are often the sole income for the home. It can be tough making sales about the person and not the paycheck. Money is important, particularly to the entrepreneur that has no other guarantee. Learning to make the person the focus will help to increase the flow of profit making the money less of an issue.

Keys to Becoming a Better Salesman

See the sale – but focus on helping the customer get the feeling that the customer desires. Knowing the benefits of the product may be the quickest way to this end result. Customers also appreciate the information that informed salespeople are able to provide – just know when to stop providing. Information overload can be almost as dangerous to a sale as a lack of information.

Become the sale – knowing the benefits of the products will begin to make a salesperson better. Being able to become the customer and picture what questions would be asked and what wants would need to be met will make that same salesperson one of the best in the industry. Take a few moments when meeting a customer to hear the problem and then work with the customer to find an acceptable answer to that problem.

Follow up the sale – the one stumbling point that even good salespeople often face comes after the sale. Keeping in contact with customers after the sale ends will make it possible for the salesperson to address any issues that come up. A happy customer can also be a valuable asset in the form of referrals.

Sales, for any industry, start with a person. Finding the right way to interact with a customer or client can help the entrepreneur make a good business into a great business by making a better sales force to push the business along.

Three keys can turn an ordinary individual into an extraordinary salesperson. The entrepreneur that reaches the top will be the one focused on meeting the needs of others instead of making it all about "I."

Kathryn Lang is a professionial writer and motivational speaker. She enjoys writing about a wide variety of business topics including youth businesses and finance.

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