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  Entrepreneurial Selling - Sales Advice for Entrepreneurs is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

Selling capabilities are a major growth engine for your business, as well as a wonderful source of customer feedback. How do you build effective selling capabilities? These articles show you how it's done.

Entrepreneurial Selling

  • How Many Telesales Agents Should I Have? - Telesales can be a great way to boost sales, but how many agents should you have? We discuss what can happen when you have too many telemarketers or telesales agents.
  • Hiring Telemarketing Firms to Generate Sales Leads - Interested in generating more sales leads? Hire a telemarketing firm and you may find that generating sales leads becomes easier than ever before!
  • Face To Face Selling - Face to face meetings are critically important for success in a sales environment. For success in financial services, meet with your clients as much as possible.
  • Fitting Your Product Into Consumers' Behavior - Your product or service must fit into to consumer’s current behavior. Learn how Segway failed this basic business premise.
  • Managing Sales Promotion - Just like advertising and personal selling, sales promotion is an important component of a small enterprise's effort to get more customer outreach and sales. This means that equal effort should be invested in managing all the aspects involved in sales promotion to preempt any conceptions of misunderstanding and misuse from being attached to the same.
  • Effective Presentations - One of the biggest skills to develop in sales is giving effective presentations. Most people will buy a product because the individual left a big impression on them, and presentations are a good way to leave and make an impression on customers.

  • Cooperation Between Sales and Production - There is often a communications void between sales and production. The two teams are inter-related and need to work together in order to provide the customer with the best possible product.
  • Sales Forecasting - Sales forecasting isn't just for big companies. Small business owners who develop good sales forecasting tools have a much easier time than those who never forecast.
  • Commission Plan Mistakes to Avoid - Are your salesforce commission plans helping your business or holding you back? Here are commission plan mistakes you will want to avoid.
  • Overcoming Rejection in Sales - The biggest challenge in sales is how take a rejection of what you are trying to sell and keep going. This article highlights the key elements of understanding and mastering this skill early in your sales career or business.
  • Mistakes When Defining Sales Goals - Setting sales goals for a salesforce ought to be simple, but it's harder than it looks. Here are some common mistakes you'll want to avoid.
  • Selling Products on eBay - Ready to join the growing ranks of eBay entrepreneurs? Selling products on eBay is a great way to reach markets you couldn't possibly reach using traditional selling techniques.
  • Landing Big Customers - Landing big customers for your start-up business may be just what you need to take your game to a higher level.
  • Why Salespeople Fail - Sales people love to blame everybody but themselves for failure. It's a bad product, they say. I'm getting bad leads, they say. The top sellers know that it's up to them to succeed and they know and avoid these roads to sales failure.
  • Tips on Setting Appointments - Most people in sales know that feeling of picking up the phone and having it weigh 20 pounds. The fear of making calls to book appointments has stopped many a good salesmen from cashing in on a good client. This article will go over the format for making a successful phone call to book an appointment with a prospect.
  • Selling with Questions - Looking for good sales advice? Sell by asking instead of telling. Remember, it's about them, not you.
  • Good Sales Strategies - The lack of an effective sales strategy might be the one thing holding your company back from moving to the next level.
  • Selling on the Phone - Without face-to-face contact, some folks say it's hard to establish rapport, do a needs analysis and close a sale. Rubbish, we say. Here are some great tips for selling on the phone.
  • Effective Sales Presentations - Sales presentations can make or break a deal. A good sales presentation gets new business. A poor sales presentation simply wastes your time and your prospect's time.
  • More Tips on Customer Referrals - Here are a few more tips on getting customer referrals. There's no better way to get good sales leads and shorten your sell cycles!
  • The Importance of Using a Sales Script - Most people, when asked whether or not they feel that sales is a hard profession, respond with an emphatic "yes". For the brave ones who venture into sales, they find that selling is not hard at all. It is making a sale consistently that is the challenge. This article touches on the importance of using a sales script to achieve consistency in your sales calls, appointments, and ultimately results.
  • The Art of Customer Referrals - Wondering how to get customer referrals? Referrals are a great way to grow your business. We offer some simple but effective tips for getting referrals.
  • Sales Cycle Acceleration - Effective selling starts with a thorough understanding of key phases in the sales cycle and then a concentrated effort to speed up each phase. We offer some tips on how to reduce the elapsed time on your sales cycle. By shortening components of the sales cycle, you can accelerate your time to money.
  • Interview Questions for Sales Reps - Interviewing sales reps is unlike all other interviewing. Here are some questions you'll want to make sure you ask prospective sales reps in order to separate the wheat from the chaffe.
  • Writing Great Proposals - Writing great proposals is just a little bit tougher than writing mediocre proposals. Successful entrepreneurs know how to write good proposals that win business.
  • Writing an Effective Telemarketing Script - This article highlights the necessary components to an effective telemarketing script. Learn tips on how to close and make a sale even if customer responds with a "no."
  • Characteristics of Successful Salesmen - There is a generic profile for every successful person. That is to say they all have a few things in common that if you aspire to have you too can also be successful in your current position. This article will take a look closely at some of the key characteristics you must have to be successful in Sales.
  • Selling Stuff on the Web - Is your business selling stuff on the web yet? If not, it's high time you tapped into the power of internet selling!
  • Customer Acquisition Costs - Customer acquisition cost is as it states; the cost to acquire customers. Many new business ventures fail to accurately and properly analyze their true acquisition costs, but knowing your acquisition costs can help you improve your profitability and create more loyal customer base.
  • Dealing with Institutional Customers - Selling to institutions is more challenging than selling to consumers. We look at understanding Business to Business (B2B) customers and the keys to dealing with them successfully.
  • Personal Selling - Personal selling sometimes has a negative connotation. However, in business to business marketing there are several forms of personal selling that are generally accepted and appreciated. Improving personal selling skills can turn a good sales force into a great sales force.
  • Benefits Versus Features - Most people in sales feel people are complicated and too demanding. The reality is however that people are very simple, but sales people make the decision-making process complicated. The only question customers really want answered is: What's in it for me? This article will emphasize the importance of focusing on the benefits of a product rather than the features when selling.
  • Is Your Sales Team Really Aligned with the Company? - Your sales team is a critical component to growing the company. How they're compensated and motivated may directly impact their performance. Make sure your sales compensation plan will motivate your employees while keeping the best interests of your company on the forefront.
  • How to Follow Up with Prospects Properly to Ensure Your Success - Following up with prospects and new business relationships is crucial to the success of any business. So many fail to do it or do it incorrectly. This article will help you become more effective at this all too important business skill.
  • Sales Forecasting Basics - As an entrepreneur who is just about to start a business venture you need to have a good idea, albeit projected, of what profits to expect. Estimating these profits will require you to first make estimates or forecasts of the sales you expect.
  • Using Bonus Offers to Make the Sale - When customers shop, they like to look for businesses that will offer them something for shopping at the business. In other words, they are looking for the bonus offers that you create as incentives for them to shop, but how do you use these bonus offers?
  • Expanding Your Business Using eBay - Throughout the years, eBay has revolutionized the way business is done. It has enabled businesses to expand in many ways. So how can you expand your business through eBay?
  • Resolving Disputes With Email - E-mail is more and more becoming a primary form of communication in business. Some business deals and correspondence are done through email and no other way. So what do you do when a dispute, complaint, or a complication arises?
  • 5 Brutally Effective Ways to Boost Sales - No business will survive without sustained sales. How do iconic brands manage to do so well despite having been around for so long? Read this article to find out how.
  • Managing Your Appointment Calendar - Sales is all about how many appointments you can book that will lead to a sale. You can't directly always control the outcome of an appointment, but you can always control if your calendar is booked or not.
  • Increase Sales with Fundraisers - Explains the benefits of having an organization use your products to host a fundraiser. Emphasizes the importance of having the fundraiser coincide with a holiday or special occasion.
  • Boost Sales With School Social Awareness - Highlights three business types and how they can participate in school social awareness campaigns to help boost sales. Discusses how almost any business can take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Leading with Questions - How can you use questions to improve your sales efficiency? How can you take control of an interview?
  • Email - Still the Godfather of Lead Generation? - The customer wants info yesterday. Everything needs to be done pronto! You need to make sure you generate leads and follow them up before your competitors strike and close the deal. Email is instant and still the godfather of lead generation.
  • How to Insult Your Customers - The true story of the inept glazing salesman, a disgruntled home owner and why you should probably never try to sell UPVC replacement windows to people living in listed period properties.
  • Is the ‘Sales Killer’ Demon Lurking in Your Copy? - You get customers right to the point of sale and for some reason they just don't click 'buy'. Why? It could be that you've got a Sales Killer Demon resident in your copy.
  • Cause Pain to Complete Sales - One of the hardest things, when you are in business, is to get people to buy. They buy for a number of reasons. One of the biggest is do to with pain and the easing of it. So do your need to hurt your prospects to turn them into customers?
  • Don't Sell the Product! - If you want to sell a saw should you try to sell a saw? Or should you sell the idea that the client has a piece of wood that needs cutting?
  • Maximizing Every Sale - The toughest call for all businesses is finding new customers and keeping them. We all know the value of repeat sales, but how do we fist built the client bank and then keep them happy?
  • Assessing Online Auction Sites - Selling products at online auction websites can be a very profitable business. Regardless of the product being sold, the decision concerning which auction website a business uses is very vital. How do you go about assessing online auction sites?
  • Online Auction: Tips for Tracking Inventory - Tracking inventory helps online auction retailers stay informed about the movement of their inventory. This reduces the quantity of inventory that is required to be kept at hand, as well as saves storage space. How do you go about keeping track of your inventory?
  • Selling to Small Businesses - If you sell to small businesses, make sure that you are allocating resources appropriately to each state based on the number of small businesses per state.
  • Anticipate Prospect Responses - Sales calls are easier if you know how your prospects will respond. Here are a few sales call scenarios that you should always be prepared for and how best to handle them.
  • Sales Cycle - How well do you understand your sales cycle? Recording the steps in your sales cycle is the first step to take in improving your sales.
  • Upselling - Learn these helpful upselling techniques and you'll be on the way to improving sales.
  • Sample Phone Selling Scripts - Looking for a sample telesales script template? Great idea! Give your telephone sales staff a great sale call script and you will be on your way to a successful sales call campaign.
  • Following Up After the Sale - The purchase of a product should not always be the end of a sale. Learn how making a connection with the customer afterwards can make all the difference.
  • Losing a Sale Gracefully - After putting in time and effort, losing a big sale can be disheartening. Make sure your sales staff is trained to lose a sale professionally and learn from their mistakes.
  • How to Get Repeat Sales - Sales keep an organization profitable. Repeat sales ensure that the organization will not fall back to previous benchmarks. How exactly does one effectively keep previous customers and build on an already existing customer base? This article will give some tips on getting and more importantly keeping customers.
  • Building Credibilty In Sales - One of the most challenging things you will face as a new financial advisor is getting your clients to trust you. Following through on promised action goes a long way in establishing good working relationships.
  • Selling Credibility - Truth sells. Once clients realize that your word is golden, your success in the sales industry will significantly improve.
  • Sales Promises - Only the master scheduler should be able to make changes to the production schedule. Don't let informal promises to customers create problems for your production team. Have a system in place in order to avoid potential issues.
  • Activities to Keep Your Sales Numbers Growing - The challenges in sales tend to be progressive, especially if you are new to sales. The first challenge is simply how to make a sale. The second and usually tougher challenge is how to keep your sales numbers growing. This article will give some insight to some of the habits you must form to keep your numbers on the up and up.
  • Entrepreneurs Should Focus On Sales - One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make is that they neglect sales. This article will show you why it is important to make sales your top priority.
  • Facebook Marketplace - By using Facebook’s Marketplace application, you can sell items to users at an affordable price. Since Facebook is such a large network, Marketplace will allow you to quickly get the word out on your products with ease.
  • Don't Forget to Sell! - Sales is a word and activity that for many, has a negative connotation. Many entrepreneurs start businesses based on their advanced technical skill sets and knowledge, they set-up shop and expect customers to come pouring in. Learning how to sell can be an entrepreneur’s best weapon for creating success.
  • Common Sales Mistakes - Are you closing sales? Would you like to have higher sales closing rates? If so, you'll find this list of the top ten sales mistakes may be just what you need to get on the right track to higher sales.
  • Five Tips for Building Client Relationships - Five ways to build a personal relationship with a potential client beyond the initial pitch or presentation. In the long run, even if you don't get the account on the first try, staying in touch with a client may prove more valuable than you realize.
  • Video Sales Letters - The video sales letter is gaining more and more momentum and becoming a favorite among some of the prominent internet marketers of today as videos appeal to all of the senses - visual, audio and touch.
  • Telemarketing and Your Mortgage Business - This article explains the importance of having an abundance of qualified leads for a mortgage business to be successful. Get advice on the type of lead to select as well as choosing a company to buy them from.
  • Outsourcing Your Telemarketing to Canada - This article explains how to make use of Canadian telemarketing agencies to run your telemarketing campaign. Learn about what features to look for when partnering with a call center.
  • Getting Past the Gatekeeper - Gaining access to a corporate decision-maker, either by phone, or in person, often means negotiating your way past a gatekeeper. These 10 tips will help you find a way in.
  • The Psychology Behind Sales - Why do most people view Sales as the toughest job in the world? Probably because most people don't realize that Sales has nothing to do with selling.
  • 7 Surefire Ways to Get Leads - Too few leads? You need to make some noise. Here's a quick how to guide that shows you seven ways to generate leads, use one or two methods, or use them all for higher impact.
  • Change How You Speak and Change How You're Perceived - Language is powerful stuff. The way you speak or write will have an effect on whether your communication is seen as positive or negative. Even if you have to deliver an unpleasant message, the pain can be lessened if you use positive speech.
  • Are you Breathing Smoke in Your Clients' Faces? - Even quite devoted smokers will confess that the smell of stale tobacco is seriously unpleasant. And while the move towards a smoke free society has seen a strong turn in recent years there are still, and always will be people who choose to smoke. Does that affect their potential success as business people?
  • 10 Reasons People Buy - There are many reasons people buy the things they do. If you're selling something, you need to know what those reasons are.
  • 10 More Reasons People Buy - What was the last thing you bought? Why did you buy it? You may not be aware of this but you could have been acting on fear or to boost your ego.
  • Becoming a Better Salesman - The right system will help an entrepreneur become a better salesman and also train other salespeople to reach their potential. The keys all center around understanding and focusing on the customer.
  • Sell Like A Pro - Learning to sell like a pro is a critical ingredient in the success of your small business. If the idea of selling products or services is new to you, we'll give you the basic tools you need to blow the lid off your sales targets.
  • Selling on QVC - Interested in selling your products on QVC? You're not alone. QVC has a reputation for quickly moving a lot of product. But to get there, you'll need to know what kinds of products the network is looking for.




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