July 10, 2020  

Business Air Travel


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Business travel frequently requires travel by air. Our Business Air Travel articles offer tips and suggestions to help keep you on time, on budget and on task the next time your business requires you to fly for business.

Business Air Travel

  • Private Jet Membership Programs - We've got the insider story on private jet memberships. If you want to rent a private jet as part of a private jet charter program or a corporate jet membership, we tell you how it's done and how much it will cost you.
  • Benefits of Chartering a Jet - The primary benefit of chartering a jet is flexibility, but there are many other advantages to flying on a chartered jet. We cover the top reasons to charter a jet in this article.
  • Rule 240 - Rule 240 is a secret weapon for those who travel on business. Most business travelers know all too well that the number of travel delays and cancellations is on the rise. But few travelers fully understand Rule 240, a helpful set of rules that airlines have promised to abide by.
  • Inflight Internet - Internet access on airplanes has been desired by business travelers for ages. Soon, airplane internet access will be quite common.
  • Finding Power at Airports - Finding power at airports is a challenge for business travelers. Here are a few way to improve laptop use at airports.
  • Keeping Bag Costs Down (Under Your Seat) - The future of business travel may be even more restrictive. In April 2010, Sprint Airlines began charging customers $45 for each carry on bag which fit into the overhead compartment? Will the other airlines follow suit? If so, what does that mean for business travelers? Will you have to put all of your carry-on luggage underneath an airline seat in order to avoid extra charges? One man thinks it can be done.

  • Air Travel Tips for Entrepreneurs - Air travel is a necessity for many entrepreneurs. Our travel tips will help you have a more productive and peaceful experience when it's time to take to the clouds on behalf of your business.




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