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Your Five Free Business Ideas

  • elitist diapers
  • easy-to-assemble lights
  • handheld CRM software
  • tax deductible tractors
  • tinted cheese balls


Business Idea Generator Disclaimer

Our Business Idea Generator generates random business ideas. Since these are randomly generated business ideas, some of these sample business ideas may make no sense whatsoever. Still, there are probably some example business ideas in the mix that are worth millions...maybe even billions. You never know.

In any case, some of these free business ideas might stimulate you to think about something that you might otherwise not have considered. Get your creative juices flowing and you never know what you might come up with!

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Aspiring Entrepreneur 12/14/2009

This is actually a lot of fun! I like it!!

Kevin 12/14/2009

Neat idea. Very clever.

Meredith Layton 12/14/2009

I like the digital menorahs idea. If I could make a suggestion you might want to isolate food ideas and generate them separately. I don't think tasty sofas will do too well in the marketplace. :)

Ken Gaebler 12/14/2009

Thanks, Meredith. Consider this to be an alpha version. I'll probably improve it over time, and building a little more intelligence into it is key.

Mark Lieb 12/14/2009

A "pay as you go sled" is an interesting concept. I'm envisioning a bunch of kids stuck in mid-slide, while the sled asks for another 50 cents so they can slide down the remainder of the hill. How about using the generator to match franchise opportunities to one's linkedin profile or an uploaded resume. We can always rely upon Ken to come up with some pretty interesting ideas.

Greensboro Press Release Service 3/4/2010

not just good but great business idea! I like them and will try for my business . Hope for excellent results !

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