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Without business ideas, we wouldn't have businesses. So what does it take to come up with a truly great business idea? These articles touch on anything and everything related to business ideas. Most importantly, we hope to help you find the business idea that is right for you, so you can get started down the path to owning your own business.

Coming Up With Business Ideas

  • Make Your Hobby Your Job - The best entrepreneurial business focuses around a passion. Recognizing how to turn your favorite hobby into a successful business as an entrepreneur will help you create your dream job.
  • The Key to Business Success - What makes some businesses succeed while others fail? This is an ever sought question that is like trying to find the fountain of youth. There is no one single answer that helps us determines what makes a business succeed, while a very similar business may fail, however we can learn from the trends that have created success for many of today's leading companies.
  • Charging For Your Information - In the age of digital information where nearly all information is free and long established newspaper companies are sinking rapidly, how does an aspiring entrepreneur create a sustainable business model by selling their information?
  • Think of Something Better, Not New - The most successful firms in the world didn't succeed from creating something new, they did it by focusing on making what already existed better. It is rare to invent something completely new. Most innovations are built off of something that already exists, but offers a better value proposition that what already existed. Focusing on making things better and not create the "new" will help you and you firm focus on a winning strategy.
  • Future Prospects for Service Industry - The service industry scene has witnessed growth progressively thanks to the stimulation effect brought about by several factors. Some of these include decreased government interference, the introduction of new technologies, an increased supply of service providers and the subsequent competition that this has brought. What does the future hold for the service industry?
  • Good Business Ideas - What's a good business idea? Can you turn your idea into a viable business?

  • The Ultimate Business Idea - The wrong way to go about thinking of a business idea is to try to come up with the "Ultimate Business" idea. Firms are built by focusing on creating something better from what exists today and changing your mentality to focus on how you can make something better will help you in your search for a business idea that you can execute.
  • Generate Business Idea - To generate business idea concepts, ask these simple questions. You may be surprised with some of the business ideas you generate.
  • Billion Dollar Business Idea - Would be entrepreneurs often hesitate to take the leap to launch their own business because they fear their business idea is not a billion dollar idea. Most businesses that launch and are successful arenít billion dollar business idea. Entrepreneurs need to understand that a billion dollar business is the exception, not the norm and they should not let a niche business stop them from starting.
  • Business Ideas That Work - Rather than trying to invent something new for your business, you might want to try looking at what others are doing and apply it to your own business. This lower risk model has often been the model followed by todayís most successful entrepreneurs.
  • Finding Your Niche - Once you find your niche, you then follow it. That is how you find success. But what if you don't know what niche is the best for you? How do you find it?
  • What Business Should I Start? - What are the best businesses to start in a down economy? We've got some great research for you on good businesses to start, based on some number crunching by a very talented industry research firm.
  • Finding Your Niche in Life - The best strategy for a startup is to target niche markets. You can then offer specialized goods and services to a specific group of prospects.
  • A Structured Approach to Brainstorming - Brainstorming is crucial to start-ups. This is your tool to get all the brains in the organization contributing to the solution of an issue. Traditional brainstorming has its own inefficiencies, such as delays and deadlocks. Structured approaches like Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats can help eliminate these problems with brainstorming sessions.
  • Dog Walking Business - Tips on how to start a dog walking business. Points out that this can be started right in your own neighborhood.
  • Turning Your Blog Into a Business - Blogging has quickly become one of the mainstream activities that individuals and businesses alike participate in. It has allowed everyone to communicate their individual ideas and beliefs; something that prior to blogging was difficult to do effectively and efficiently. But blogging can be much more than a hobby and many bloggers have made blogging their full-time job.
  • Deciding on a Business: What Will You Offer? - Your business is built on what it is you're offering; otherwise you don't have a business. So how do you decide upon what it is you are going to offer and make sure you are profitable?
  • Finding Off-Season Income - Entrepreneurial businesses with seasonal income need to find ways to bring in income during the off-season.
  • Hot Small Business Sectors - When it seems every business is in a downward spiral, there are still a few small businesses that are thriving.
  • Start a Pet Sitting Business - This article provides the reader with information in regards to starting a Pet Sitting Business. It covers important topic such as Pet CPR and licensing.
  • Why Retro Business is In Part 1 - Nostalgia is big business and it always will be. There's an ever evolving quality to retro seeing as the Baby Boomers and Generations X and Y will have different ideas about what they expect from it and when they expect it.
  • Why Retro Business Is In Part 2 - Nostalgia is big business and it always will be. There's an ever evolving quality to retro seeing as the Baby Boomers and Generations X and Y will have different ideas about what they expect from it and when they expect it.
  • Business Names and Mistakes - Naming a business is like laying a building's cornerstone. Once it is in place, the entire structure and foundation is aligned to it. If the cornerstone is off, the whole building is off and the problem becomes magnified. Which are the common mistakes you should avoid when naming or renaming your business?
  • Working With Your Spouse - Have you ever worked together with your spouse on a big project? For most people, working with their spouses can be a hair-raising experience. If things are not going as well as you would like, there are a few tips that you can apply and hopefully change your circumstances.
  • Business of Death Part 1 - Death, as they say is one the few certainties in life, alongside taxes. So if we are to associate money matters with demise, are there business opportunities to be had in connection with human demise?
  • Business of Death Part 2 - Death, as they say is one the few certainties in life, alongside taxes. So if we are to associate money matters with demise, are there business opportunities to be had in connection with human demise?
  • Top Selling Flea Market Items - Highlights top selling items to sell in your flea market business. Explains how selling accessories to go along with these items will maximize your selling potential.
  • Flea Market to International Market - Explains how to use the internet to take your business from flea market to international market.
  • Starting a Community Newspaper - Tips on how to plan and start a successful community newspaper. Emphasizes the importance of a solid financial structure and developing community relations.
  • How to Redeem 'Stolen' Ideas - Have you ever had a fantastic idea and then later you saw someone else acting on it? Even more baffling is when you told no one about the idea, and yet someone thought of the same thing and acted on it before you could. How do you redeem such a situation?
  • Secrets to Running a Couple Owned Business - : Advice on how to succeed as a couple owned business. Highlights the importance of clarifying duties and taking time for yourself as well as each other
  • How To Capture Innovative Ideas From Your Staff - Encourage employees to think differently and to come up with innovative and creative ideas. Evaluate these ideas on a regular basis and implement realistic ones.
  • Business Ideas for the Visually Impaired - Being owner of their own business is something many people aspire to. While there may be stumbling blocks along the way the fact that an entrepreneur is visually impaired need not be one of them.
  • Entrepreneurism and Developing the Idea - The idea comes to you light a lightning bolt. You envision how successful it will be, but do you envision how to get it to the point of success? The road can be a long and hard one.
  • The 7 Steps of the Creative Process Used in Spurring Innovation - Innovation is often something academics write about but is hard to put into practice. This article contains seven specific steps to help you spur innovation in your company.
  • Good Business Ideas for 2011 - Interested in starting a business in 2011? Good idea . . . Here are some business startups that have a better-than-average chance of success heading into the new year.
  • Business Idea Generator. Get five free business ideas from our Business Idea Generator. Most of the ideas it generates are a bit odd, but every so often it comes up with a winner!




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