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Cabling and Wiring


Cabling & Wiring Service Basics

Running telecom cabling and wiring -- that's something you can probably handle yourself, right? Wrong! Running phone and data lines requires the kind of expertise you can only get from a qualified cabling & wiring service provider.

Sophisticated telecommunication and data resources have firmly entrenched themselves in the small and medium-sized business workplace.

Resources like high-end phone systems, data networks and VoIP technology now offer substantial benefits to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

But unfortunately, many business owners fail to consider whether their current cabling and wiring is capable of handling new technologies. In many cases, current cabling can't carry the load produced by modern voice and data assets. When that happens, it's time to look at running new cabling throughout the workplace.

Business cabling and wiring companies provide a valuable service for businesses in the middle of a technology upgrade. Here's what you need to know about the services they provide and why you can't have a successful IT implementation without them.

What Cabling & Wiring Service Vendors Do

As the names suggests, cabling and wiring service providers handle your company's cabling demands for you. Beginning with a site visit to assess your needs, vendors work a careful process that runs the appropriate cabling from patch panels in your server room and phone system closet, through walls and ceilings, to workstations located throughout your office space. In a retrofit, they often find themselves running wires through crawl spaces and other areas that you spend a lot of time trying to avoid. But more importantly, vendors have the expertise to select the proper cabling, install connections and test the cabling for full functionality.

Why You Need a Cabling & Wiring Provider

Could you run your own cabling and wiring? Sure. Running the wiring itself is a hassle, but it's not rocket science. Still, there are a lot of reasons why in-house installation of business class voice and data cabling just isn't a good idea.

If you select the wrong cable, you could sabotage the functionality of your voice and data systems. You could also find yourself out of compliance with national and local code requirements. Network cabling professionals have industry knowledge and testing tools – and if something goes wrong, their insurance takes the hit – not yours.

The bottom line is that despite the added expense, professional business cabling is a wise investment and a smart move for your company.

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