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Cory Thompson

Cory Thompson enjoys writing about topics of interest to entrepreneurs and small business owners. He is an MBA graduate from Weber State University and is currently working as a contracting officer at Hill Air Force Base in Roy, Utah.

Articles written by Cory Thompson

Cory's articles offer practical entrepreneurial advice based on his own experiences and his conversations with the many entrepreneurs that he knows.

  • Building Credibilty In Sales - One of the most challenging things you will face as a new financial advisor is getting your clients to trust you. Following through on promised action goes a long way in establishing good working relationships.
  • Face To Face Selling - Face to face meetings are critically important for success in a sales environment. For success in financial services, meet with your clients as much as possible.
  • Financial Services Industry Customer Service Advice - One of the keys to success in the financial services industry is effectively dealing with clients assigned from others. Leveraging their potential business may mean the difference between success and failure.
  • Improving Customer Relationships in Financial Services - It's hard to overestimate the importance of an effective system of follow up when dealing with clients. Not only will it increase client satisfaction -- but will help your business as well.
  • Leaders Versus Managers - In order to effectively utilize your people, you will need to understand the different roles that leaders and administrators play in an organization.
  • Leading from the Front - Leading from the front is a common business term, but is it as effective as most business leaders say it is? This article discusses an alternative definition of leading from the front that may have a better impact on productivity.
  • Selling Credibility - Truth sells. Once clients realize that your word is golden, your success in the sales industry will significantly improve.
  • The Importance of Setting Proper Client Expectations - Few things can raise the ire of a client more than failing to meet an understood and agreed to set of policies or plans. It's so simple to avoid and pays huge dividends later.
  • Using a Script With New Employees - Training remains a constant challenge for employers. This article discusses one strategy to bring new employees up to speed quickly.
  • When to Fire an Employee - Giving assistance to problem employees can be beneficial to any business. But at what point is it time to say enough is enough?


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