August 11, 2020  
  Effective Ad Copy is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

You can waste a lot of money on advertising if your ad copy is bad. We teach how to write effective ad copy that builds strong brand awareness and achieves your desired call to action.

Effective Ad Copy

  • Writing Good Ad Headlines - Writing good ad copy is important, but it's the headline that makes or breaks an ad. We explain how to write a good headline for an ad.
  • Goals of Your Advertising Message - What should a strong advertising campaign include? What do you want your customers to find out through your advertising efforts?
  • Marketing Insights from Vodafone's Zoozoo Ads - Advertisements just have one job to do -- communicate about the product service within a short period of time. Here are some amazing marketing insights from Vodafone's ZooZoo series of advertisements that have been a rage in India.
  • Translating Ad Copy Into Another Language - Your boss just had the bright idea to start running ads in Spanish-language newspapers and you're responsible for the copy. Your Spanish is more than a little rusty, so all you have to do is find a translator and send it out the door, right?
  • How to Write Copy to Get Profit - Words have power -- an incredible power so to speak which can mesmerize, cajole, pamper, inspire, convince or motivate. Words can be effective in getting you business right away. Here's how you can write effective copy to be profitable in business:
  • 5 Effective Secrets to Help Ad Copy - Copywriting is the most precious skill for anyone to learn because this skill literally pays. Effective ad copy is a relentless seller. How do you bring out such copy in your ads? Read on to find out more:

  • 3 is a Magic Number in Business - 123, ABC, Snap Crackle and Pop! Soft, Strong and Very Long. No this writer hasn't completely lost the plot. This article looks at the power of serving up info in bite sized chunks of three.
  • Word Economy - Have you ever met someone who goes all around the houses to tell you a tale? Unless they are a professional raconteur who uses the technique as a device you probably found yourself getting bored. Why can't they just get to the point? If you 'ramble' in your promotional material you'll have prospective customers running to the hills.
  • Keys to Writing Good Ad Copy - Writing good ad copy is both an art and a science, but you don't have to be a professional writer to get it right. A few tricks of the trade will help you write good ad copy and get more results from your advertising dollars.
  • Ad Copy Mistakes to Avoid - If you're business professional, you're capable of writing your own ad copy. But there are some pitfalls you will want to avoid along the way. From clichés to typos, these are the common ad copy mistakes you'll want to avoid.
  • How To Avoid Illegal Ad Copy - Illegal ad copy is a problem every small business owner should know about. If you're writing your own ad copy, you need to know about the laws and regulations designed to make sure you adhere to truth-in-advertising.
  • 4 Ways Copy Creeps into Your Business - Everything being done to keep your business afloat has an element of copy in it simply because at every level of your business, you will need to communicate. If that's true, shouldn't it be honed to perfection? Look at how copy creeps into your business:
  • 4 Ways Jerks Help Advertising - No one likes jerks; but it's that attitude that fuels great advertising copy. Most of the copywriting masters have espoused that jerky behaviour and produced some of the most cherished and effective ad copies ever. See how that happens:
  • Magnetic Copy Secrets - Magnetic copy must always be written in the active voice. It must compel the reader to act. How can you achieve that?
  • Great Copywriting: How to Create Amazing Advertisement Headlines that Generate Attention - Why do some ads generate stellar results why others may fall flat? Learn how to craft killer headlines that generate attention.




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