Effective Ad Copy

How to Write Copy to Get Profit

Written by Ashwin Satyanarayana for Gaebler Ventures

Words have power -- an incredible power so to speak which can mesmerize, cajole, pamper, inspire, convince or motivate. Words can be effective in getting you business right away. Here's how you can write effective copy to be profitable in business:

Persuasion has a way to come through words and it is this persuasion that helps us make decisions with regards to buying.

Written copy is a powerful medium through which marketers try to influence our buying decisions (most fail to do it, some really do it well). The better your copy is, the more you could sell. Here's how you can write (or learn to write) great copy that fetches you returns:

Follow, emulate and learn from the best

Online and offline, we have some of the greatest copywriters whose work itself is enough to be a course for you to take up and master the art of copywriting. So powerful is the copy done by copywriting greats like Gary Halbert, Michael Fortin, Ogilvy, etc., that their copy produced on some of the old advertisements is still pulling in the money. Just reading through their copy and learning how to write advertisements can shake consumers off their comfort zones and make them go running for their wallet. Copywriting is a skill any entrepreneur could kill for. Here are some tips on copywriting:

Trip on others' toes; make bold statements

Fortune favors the brave, doesn't it? Yet, most copy on the advertisements you see everyday are meek, spineless and contrite; neither are they original nor are they bold. Nothing about these ads would make me want to read it ever again. No personality, no potential for responses. Most small businesses want to be politically correct. A few do have the courage to trip on others' toes and make really bold statements - these are the successful ones.

Talk to your readers, one - to -one

Most business copy sounds condescending; it's like the large businesses houses talk down - almost threatening or intimidating - the poor two-legged soul reading it. These ads usually start with "We operate in 245 countries, with operating presence in 29000 cities....", "World's best and the only...." If you wanted to massage your ego, as an entrepreneur or a business owner, the last person you should do that with is your customer. Instead of talking down, talk to your customer one- on- one. Make them like you; show some personality and befriend your consumers - whether they buy from you or not.

Ash has an undergraduate degree in engineering and an MBA from Ohio University. Today he is a corporate trainer, business coach and a freelance writer.

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