June 3, 2020  
  Employee Benefits  
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Employee benefits play a big role in attracting talented employees. We help you understand the pros and cons associated with various employee perks and benefit plans.

Employee Benefits

  • Health Savings Accounts - Health savings accounts -- you've read about them but do you understand how to use them to grow your business?
  • Myths About 401(k) Plans - If you think your small business can't afford a 401(k) plan, think again. We discuss some small business 401(k) plan myths that simply don't hold up under scrutiny.
  • How to Set Up a 401(k) Plan - Attracting and retaining high-quality employees is a priority for every business owner. Establishing a 401(k) plan can help.
  • Employee Wellness Programs - Small business wellness programs are catching on. The costs of implementing a wellness program are minimal compared to the benefits.
  • Offering Unique Employee Benefits - If you've ever wondered how you can make your company stand apart with small business employee benefits, take a look at how online payroll service SurePayroll implements unique human resources techniques to reward employees. A great company starts with a great human resources department.
  • Employee Discounts - Employee product discounts are a great perk for your employees. Make sure the perk is in the best interests of the company and not at the expense of your customers or your bottom line.

  • Small Business Health Insurance Plans - Finding good, affordable small business health insurance plans has become a nearly Herculean challenge for small business owners.
  • Benefits of the New Health Bill for Entrepreneurs - The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act or "The Health Care Bill" will change the fate of the healthcare industry. The very fact that insurance will not be denied anymore to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions is a boon in itself. This Act ensures more transparency and better affordability. Here's how it affects entrepreneurs.
  • Understanding Health Savings Accounts - Health Savings Accounts bring entrepreneurs control over health decisions while helping to build for retirement.
  • Employee Benefits Primer - We cover the basics. What is an employee benefits plan? Why should you offer employee benefits?
  • Employee Benefits - Designing an employee benefits plan is a complex undertaking. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when offering employee benefits.
  • 401k Plans and Section 125 Flexible Spending Account - Employee benefits for small businesses is a catch-22. You have a limited budget but you need to attract and retain great employees. This article on 401k plans and Section 125 flexible spending accounts discusses some great employee perks you can offer at a reasonable cost.
  • Employee Benefits Program - Looking for a way to offer your employees a benefits program that won't annihilate your bottom line? Then maybe it's time to consider adding some of these low- and no-cost programs to your benefits mix.




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