August 5, 2020  
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Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. We offer niche advice to women entrepreneurs, veteran entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, immigrant entrepreneurs, retiree entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs with distinctive backgrounds.

Entrepreneurial Backgrounds

  • Does Age Matter To Be Your Own Boss - What's the best age to start a business? It's a hotly debated topic, but at the end of the day isn't it the case that you can be successful as an entrepreneur at any age?
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur After Years in Big Business - Even the most talented corporate executives often fail when making the switch to fast-growth, startup companies. If you are a big-business executive contemplating starting a business or joining an existing startup, here's some food for thought.
  • Do You Need to Be Single to Be Successful? - There's no doubt about it, a new love interest can eat into work time and occupy your thoughts to the detriment of your business. But this is usually temporary. Or is it? Do you need to be single to be successful?
  • Ethnic Entrepreneurs - When recent immigrants decide to set up their business, they may have to face a number of challenges. Despite that, millions of immigrant entrepreneurs have boosted the economy of their host countries by being able to run successful businesses.
  • Are Shopaholics Better Entrepreneurs? - It's just a theory but we believe shopaholics, people who need to shop in a somewhat compulsive manner, have the potential to be great entrepreneurs. Do you agree that they've got a leg up on others or do you think we've got it all wrong?
  • Do Journalists Make Good Entrepreneurs? - We think journalism is a great training ground for would-be entrepreneurs. This article discusses a few advantages that journalist entrepreneurs have over mere mortals.

  • Success Stories: Business School to Real Life Company - Though it often is painted as a factory of management clones or Wall Street number-crunchers, the business school experience has encouraged many individuals to embrace the entrepreneurial vision. Furthermore, some entrepreneurs even formulate their ideas and launch their companies during business school and then go on to great success after they graduate.




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