August 8, 2020  

Exit Strategies is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

Exit strategies range from going public to selling to family members to selling out to the competition. We take a look at the many exit strategy options you can consider.

Exit Strategies

  • Understanding IPOs - An IPO is one of the most common methods of exit for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. We talk about what’s involved in the IPO process.
  • How to Go Public - What does it take to go public? If you want to know how to go public, this article is a must read.
  • Pros and Cons of Using Business Brokers - Are business brokers worth the fees they charge? If you are buying a business or selling a business, this article provides a wealth of useful information on the value that business brokers provide. We discuss the pros and cons of using a business broker.
  • Selling a Business to Relatives - What needs to be considered when you sell your business to a relative? Shoud a child, sibling or spouse be treated differently than any other buyer? You bet.
  • Quitting Time - Closing down a business is never easy. Perhaps you started a business years ago and have been just barely eeking out a living. When is it time to give up, admit defeat and move on?
  • Entrepreneurial Exit Strategies - The mark of a good entrepreneur is that they always have their eye on an exit strategy. We discuss why selling a company should be top of mind from start to finish as you progress through your entrepreneurial adventures.

  • Selling to Competitors - Competitors are great potential buyers when selling your business, but how do you make sure they're serious and not just wasting your time?
  • Selling Part of a Business - Many business owners don't want to sell their companies. When this is the case, it's worth considering whether selling part of a business might be a more palatable option.




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