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Electronic Medical Records Software


Free Web-Based EHR Management

Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions don't have to be expensive. In fact, there are now several solutions on the market that won't cost your medical practice a dime -- and the best part is that you can access your data anywhere, anytime.

Patients assume that most medical providers utilize complicated (and expensive) electronic health record solutions.

But as a medical professional, you know that high-quality solutions are often out of reach, especially for small practices that are being squeezed by HMOs and forced to pinch pennies wherever possible.

Fortunately the technology industry has responded to cost concerns with a variety of free, web-based EHR management solutions. Although hospitals and large practices may continue to opt for more expensive platforms, the average medical practice is discovering that these no-cost alternatives give them all the features they need and then some.

Practice Fusion is one of the companies that is leading the charge in free web-based medical solutions. They give medical professionals a viable and attractive way to perform fully automated functions that benefit both their practices and their patients. Here's how . . .

  • Cost. Undoubtedly many medical professionals are drawn to Practice Fusion primarily because of the cost. It's a completely free service without any hidden fees or expenses. Instead, the company places a minimal number of ads on each webpage. If banner ads are an untenable option for you, Practice Fusion also offers a $100 per month opt-out.
  • Medical charting. Like other electronic medical record solutions, Practice Fusion is designed to integrate with the workflows of your practice. You can easily pull a patient's chart, make notes and even prescribe medications through this service.
  • Patient billing. Practice Fusion offers convenient access to your billing service. If you don't have a billing service, they can connect you with their own low-cost billing service or an inexpensive and fully-integrated billing software platform.
  • Appointment scheduling. With Practice Fusion, appointment scheduling is a breeze. Your practice's patient appointments, staff schedules and equipment scheduling is centralized in a single location that is updated in real time. If you're tired of double booking and a chronic lack of coordination in your practice, a web-based EHR solution is definitely the way to go.
  • Data security. One of the nice features of Practice Fusion and other electronic health record providers is that they are completely secure. Since a single security breach could threaten their viability in the marketplace, these providers go the extra mile to maintain fully-encrypted and secure databases for their clients.
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