Creating a Small Business Website

Giving Small Business Websites a Better Look

Written by Nidhi Ann Raj for Gaebler Ventures

It is extremely important to design a neat and clear website of your company because these days most people depend on the web to make purchasing decisions.

In today's world, when people rely so much on the information they find on the internet, it is only sensible that your website should be as clear and attractive as possible.

Giving Small Business Websites a Better Look

It's imperative that customers understand all they need to, about your company, at a click of the mouse.

Here are a few, simple ways to ensure you always receive a considerable amount of traffic to your website.

Focus on Content

Content is king. You do not require a high level design to attract the masses.

People come back and use the website frequently only if they can get the information they want, without taking a lot of effort to do so. Hence, the first requirement is to create a neat website with useful content placed and highlighted appropriately.

Simple Yet Elegant Design Works Best

The first thing people may see on your website is your logo. A logo is the company's flag, the first image in the minds of the customers. Hence it should be designed professionally, so that it sends out positive vibes about the company.

The website itself should not be cluttered with loads of unwanted information. At the same time, avoid unnecessary white spaces too. The text should be short, to the point and supported with beautiful images and graphics, keeping in mind viewers of all ages, blind visitors etc.

Avoid writing long paragraphs. Instead, speak to the reader and keep them engaged.

Always remember that time is valuable to everyone, and your site visitors are no exception. It will be a good idea to include a search button to find information within the website so that people do not waste time searching for it.

Always ensure that the website complies with the brand, business and company guidelines. The company's purposes and policies should be described in the home page itself. The other main pages should be easy to find from all points.

Fast Is Good

Speed has always been as issue, especially for websites that store and handle vast amounts of information. But remember that people do not like to wait. If you make them do so, there are chances they may not revisit your page. So cut down on the page length, minimize the graphics and make sure your pages load quickly.

Tread Lightly When Requesting Information

Avoid asking for too much information from users.

This may annoy them as you are not only wasting their time but also asking for private information which they may not be willing to give without a good reason.

Keep It Fresh

Make it a point to regularly and actively update your website. As the company grows and evolves, it may undergo various structural changes and its products and services may increase. All these updates must be made known to the user each time he visits the website.

Make Sites Accessible to All

Making the site accessible is not just a legal obligation in some cases but also affects the company's sales.

Customers in any part of the world should be able to access your site; else they would not refer it to others.

E-Commerce Tips

If you are selling your product over the internet, below are a few quick tips to improve your site

  • Provide users with all the information they need before they make any purchasing decision. If they find out about hidden costs, only a minute before or maybe even after their purchase, they may be put off by it and will not come back or recommend it to others.
  • Help customers believe in you. People may still be cautious about buying an online product. Simple touches such as a street address to your office or a customer service telephone number will improve your credibility.
  • Have tie-ups with a number of local vendors in major areas where you offer your service, so that customers can get damages repaired, without taking the pains to ship goods back and forth.
  • Have users confirm their order before buying them. Give a quick review of the items they have chosen, along with the features and prices so that customers are sure of what they are about to purchase.

At the end of it, ensure that you test your website under various conditions and load to ensure usability and sustainability. An effective website can go a long way to make your business more successful.

Nidhi Ann Raj is a gifted writer who is currently pursuing post-graduate studies at George Brown College in Toronto Canada, where she is specializing in Marketing and Finance.

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