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Should I get a website for my business? How do I put up a website for my small business? In these articles, we cover some entry-level concepts regarding small business websites. If you are a small business owner trying to find your way on the World Wide Web, we think these articles wil be very helpful.

Small Business Websites

  • Finding Good Web Site Designers - Finding good web design firms is a tough assignment but our article on choosing web site designers makes it just a little bit easier.
  • Why You Need a Web Site for Your Business - There are costs and benefits associated with starting a Web site for your business. The cost associated with creating and maintaining a standard Web site is minimum and relatively fixed, and the benefits could be great. Here we examine steps and reasons to form your own Web site.
  • Small Business Websites - Good news. You've got a website. Bad news. Your site stinks. We offer 10 tips for making the most of your small business website.
  • Putting Up a Business Web Site - Whether your business requires online presence or not, it is essential to put up a neat and informative web site by the time business has begun. Three components of the web site - layout, sections, and content - should be carefully considered.
  • Good Website Advice for Small Business Owners - Having a small business website is a no-brainer but how do you use a website to grow a business? Trynka Shineman of VistaPrint offers some good small business website advice.
  • Review - Need inbound links and web traffic? A new service,, offers a great way to promote your products and services on the web.

  • Creating a Web Presence - Interested in building a web site for your company? Marketing via the web is a smart move, and creating a web site isn't as hard as the experts might have you believe.
  • Strategies for Generating Web site Traffic - If you decided to start a Web site for your business, or start a Web site that is your business, the first thing that may come to mind is: How do I generate traffic? You worked hard on your Web site, now make sure it gets the attention it deserves. This article covers six commonly used strategies for generating internet traffic.
  • Giving Small Business Websites a Better Look - It is extremely important to design a neat and clear website of your company because these days most people depend on the web to make purchasing decisions.
  • Why Every Business Can Benefit From Being Online - Don't need the extra profile that being online can bring you? Think you've got enough of a presence in the industry to survive without a website? If that's what you think, it's time to think again. Everyone can benefit from having a business website.
  • Increase Customer's Website Visit Time - This article explains how to get website visitors to browse your site for longer amounts of time. Learn about the importance of this in order to increase the likelihood of visitors making a purchase.
  • How to Find a Web Designer - Having a website is one of the single most important aspects of running a business nowadays. It is also important that you choose a web designer that knows how to incorporate all of the necessary elements into a website to make it successful.
  • Increasing Website Performance - You have the website, but you have to really make it perform. There are some very crucial elements to good website performance, but you need to know what they are in order to make it happen.
  • The Importance of Meta-Tags for Internet Marketing - Meta-tags are very important in Internet marketing, but what are they and what role are they truly playing in making your Internet presence a more prominent one? You may be surprised at how important these simple little items really are.
  • Website Promotion Methods - If you build a website, visitors will automatically come. No, they won't! Building a website is not sufficient. No one is going to visit the site if there are no links to it anywhere. The site will not even appear is search engine listings without some incoming links. You will need to do some promotion in order to get some traffic. What web promotion techniques can you use to increase traffic?
  • Create a Professional Niche Website - Web design is a crucial aspect of niche marketing. If you want to be recognized as a professional in your niche, you should reflect a professional image to your website visitors. Whether you like it or not, the truth is first impressions matter and no less on the internet. How do you go about creating a professional-looking website?
  • Is Web 2.0 a Buzzword? - Mention Web 2.0 and opinions will differ. Some see it as a shallow buzz word. Others acknowledge it as the definition of 2nd generation web capability.
  • Use an Auto Responder Course as a Promotional Tool - Gives detailed ways to use an auto responder course to get more traffic to your site and ultimately sell more products.
  • Is Your Website Giving Visitors Migraines? - Technological advancements mean that not much stays the same for long. However, there are some traditional rules that originate from the murky old past of the print trade, some of which still make sense today when applied to the business of website design.
  • Expanding Your Business Online - To expand your business online means opening yourself up to the entire world. But what are the steps that you can use to expand your business online?
  • Resell Rights - If you don't have a product of your own, or don't have the time, inclination, or experience to develop one, resell rights is an excellent way of starting a niche business. When you purchase resell rights to a product, you are purchasing a ready-made business, many times complete with a proven sales letter, graphics and other marketing materials. All you require is an appropriate domain name, web hosting, and a payment processor to start marketing. Once you begin selling, all the profit you make belongs to you, because the product now belongs to you. Resell rights are applicable to both digital and physical products. However, for the online marketer, it is advisable to focus on digital products which can be downloaded immediately. What are the different resell rights available and where can you find resell rights products?
  • How to Repurpose Web Content - The idea of content repurposing is still a relatively unfamiliar to many people. Content repurposing simply means taking your existing information or content and reusing it for a different purpose or in a different format. For instance, you could take forum posts and convert them into blog posts or articles. What are the different ways in which you can repurpose your web content?
  • Strategies for Repurposing Web Content - Content repurposing enables you to create new tools and products that can help increase traffic volume and subscribers. This can lead to opportunities for additional revenue, without having to create new information from scratch. What strategies can you use to repurpose your web content?
  • Web Content Repurposing Tips - Many people have the mindset that content has to be original and fresh, and fail to look outside the box for solutions to their content needs. Content repurposing means changing existing information or content and using it for a different purpose. The repurposing process makes good business sense since you can earn additional revenue from traffic and subscribers without creating new content from scratch. What ideas can you apply in repurposing your web content?
  • Keeping Your Website Professional - Your business website is a reflection on how professional your business is. Here are some tips on how to keep your website professional and viewer-friendly.
  • Online Presence: No Longer Just an Option - Websites used to be a luxury, but they have quickly turned to necessity. Even small businesses can't operate as efficiently if they do not have a well functioning website. Here are some reasons you, as a small business owner, should invest in an online presence.
  • How To Design An Effective Small Business Website - Wondering how to design an effective small business website? It's easy. Just give our website advice for small business owners a try.
  • How To Drive Traffic To A Small Business Website - You built a great website but don't have site visitors? It's time to start thinking about some of these proven techniques for driving traffic to a small business website.
  • Test Your Business Online - Starting to run your own business can be daunting. Why not test the market by taking your business online before you open a bricks-and-mortar space?
  • Website Mistakes to Avoid - Ouch! Have you ever visited a website that gave you an instant migraine? If analytics show you're experiencing a high click back rate on your own site then yours might be one that's just as off-putting. Here's how to keep your site user friendly.
  • How to Build Website Credibility - If you have a business website and are trying to sell something, it is essential that you are able to build and maintain credibility. When you ask people to buy from you, they need to be convinced why they should purchase from you and not from another site or your competitor. So how do you go about building website credibility?
  • How to Generate Income from a Website - A website is normally used as a medium of relaying information, and/or selling products and services. If you own a website, there are several things you can do to earn an extra income for yourself.
  • Online Marketing Techniques - There is no 'magic formula' to creating a successful website. However, you can concoct your own magic with a combination of marketing programs that suit you. Your choices will depend on your overall strategies and goals.
  • Is a Flash Website Worth the Cash? - Should you spend the money to obtain a Flash website for your enterprise? Before you make a decision, you should get a complete picture of acquiring and maintaining a Flash site.
  • Create a Website Marketing Plan - For many affiliate marketers, finding the commitment and time to develop an internet marketing plan is not easy. There are many other commitments competing for our attention that strategies eventually get pushed aside. However, ignoring strategies puts your business at a disadvantage. How do you go about creating an effective website marketing plan?
  • Publicity for Small Businesses Websites - Promoting your internet business or website can be done in two ways; publicity and advertising. Advertisements are things you create, control and pay for. Publicity is something another person says or writes about you when you have done something noteworthy, interesting or good.
  • What Do Your Customers Want From Your Website? - Entrepreneurs often have lots of ideas of what to put on their business website. But what do your customers want to see on it? Here are some ideas.




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