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Google Adwords is a dominant web advertising platform. In part, that's because Google is designed it to be flexible and adaptable. With the Google Adwords API, you can put AdWords data to work for your company.

Online advertising isn't the wave of the future it's already a reality for growing small businesses.

The better you are at marketing your products and services online, the greater the odds that you will outpace the competition and increase revenues.

But online advertising is a lot harder than it sounds. It's not difficult to get your products, services and brand on the Internet. The problem is making them stand out from the literally millions of other companies and interests that are also vying for your customers' attention. To be effective, your online ads need to be targeted, powerful and precise.

Google AdWords has made the process of creating effective online advertising campaigns much easier. AdWords is Google's advertising platform that has the primary purpose of allowing advertisers to post display ads on Google search results pages. Advertisers pay either on a per-click or per-impression basis, making it very convenient and cost-effective. However, Google's AdWords platform has many other features that make it a valuable tool for small business use. For example, the AdWords platform has tools that help you generate the most effective keywords for your ads as well as other online content.

Harnessing the power of the Google AdWords can be an effective strategy for maximizing the impact of web advertising campaigns and other online resources. But to do so, you need to have the ability to create custom applications that combine your specific business goals with the Google AdWords platform and performance capabilities.

Google AdWords APIs offer a ready-made resource for developing applications that leverage the power of the AdWords platform. It gives your developers the tools and access they need to build apps that interact with AdWords technology, and then insert them into your website. Here a few tips for using Google AdWords APIs to your advantage:

  • Uses. You can exploit Google AdWords APIs to perform multiple business-related functions. Your developer can create apps that auto-generate keywords, ad text and destination URLs. You can even integrate AdWords data with your inventory system to design marketing campaigns that are based on current stock levels.
  • Tokens. Google AdWords API users are issued two tokens. The Developer token identifies your AdWords API activity and facilitates communication between your AdWords server and your AdWords account. The Application token identifies the application that is connecting with AdWords.
  • Cost. Fees are charged to Developer token holders and are based on a rate sheet fee structure at $.25/1,000 API units consumed.

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