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How to Get a D&B Number


Getting a D&B Number for My Small Business

Wondering how to get a D&B number? We explain how to go about getting a D&B number for a small business and we showcase a couple of extras from D&B that are worth investing in.

If your small business doesn't have a D&B number, you may be limiting your business growth.
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Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) offers what it calls a D-U-N-S Number. More commonly, it's called a D&B number.

In effect, it's a unique nine-digit number that is widely recognized as the standard for identifying and keeping track of small business around the globe.

Do I Need a D&B Number?

The primary advantage of getting a D&B number is that it enhances the credibility of your business in the marketplace.

By getting a D&B number, you will ensure that your company is listed in D&B's database. In this way, potential customers, suppliers and lenders can easily find your company and learn about your business.

You can also use D&B as a credit reference. In fact, many small business owners find that they have to have a D&B number because creditors, suppliers and vendors ask for a firm's D&B number before offering them credit. It's a pretty standard way for businesses to determine whether another company is creditworthy.

How Do I Get a D&B Number

How hard is it to get a D&B number?

Not hard at all.

Just go to D&B's site to Apply for a D& B Number.

After completing the form, you will receive your D&B number (i.e. your D-U-N-S Number) within 30 business days. If you need to change your information in the future, you can do so by using D&B's eUpdate tool.

Need a D&B number faster than 30 days? Keep reading.

Don't Forget to Get a Credit File...and Get a D&B Number Fast

Getting a D&B Number won't automatically establish a D&B credit file for your company. If you are requesting a D&B Number because you need to show others that your business is creditworthy, you should establish a credit file. To establish a credit file and obtain a D&B Number at the same time, get CreditBuilder Plus. This is a great first step in establishing business credit, which will ultimately allow you to get small business loans and small business credit cards that may not require a personal guarantee.

Plus, and this is important if you are in a hurry, CreditBuilder Plus lets you get a D&B D-U-N-S Number in one business day and a complete credit file within D&B's database.. The price is a little high for many small businesses, at $499, but this product can unlock the floodgates of small business credit, which is worth a lot to many small business owners.

Don't Forget to Upgrade to a D&B PowerProfile

Once you are in the D&B database, we recommend you pay a little extra to be included in D&B PowerProfiles.

PowerProfiles is an affordable program for small businesses that let them compete in these tough economic times without having to fund expensive online marketing programs.

It helps you get improved visibility on Google, win new customers, and build your online business network.

D&B PowerProfiles offer great value at a minimum cost. A basic PowerProfiles listing is free. A Silver listing is $299, Gold Listings are $499, and Platinum Listings are $899. Those are annual costs.

With a D&B PowerProfile, you are expanding awareness of your business because D&B provides you with a greatly expanded opportunity to tell your business story. You also get more keywords to attract visitors from popular search engines

We've seen this purchase be very effective in improving a small company's presence in the search engines, driving new leads and growing market share.

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Conversation Board

Have questions about getting a D&B number, establishing a D&B credit file, or setting up a D&B PowerProfile? Ask away! We welcome all questions, comments, tips and suggestions.

TJ 4/7/2009

One thing to mention regarding getting a D&B number. The standard online form for applying for a DUNS number will get you a DUNS number in 30 days. But if you go through this link,, you can apply online and get a D&B number in one day.

Ken Gaebler 4/7/2009

TJ, that's a good call. Technically, that's only if you are getting a D&B number as part of your becoming a government contractor. However, I believe you are corect that it's a loophole that many take advantage of.

SmallBizAdvisor 4/7/2009

Good article. I have two comments. First, you neglect to mention that getting a D&B number is free. It's only for the advanced packages hwere you need to pay. Also, when you sign up for a DUNS number, you are putting your business information into a database that is sold to marketers. There is an option to opt out of being in that database. Unless you like junk mail, I'd opt out.

Larry 5/24/2010

Nice TJ. You can follow his advice and get flagged for being high risk because you really aren't working with the government. Also keep in mind that getting a free number does absolutely NOTHING for you in terms of building business credit. Banks won't even recognize a free number, and automatically decline it.

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