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Renting a P O Box


How to Rent a P O Box

Many business owners find that having a Post Office Box (also known as a P O Box) can improve operations. We discuss the benefits of renting a P O Box for small business owners.

If you renting an office isn't something you want to do for your business, you can have a P O Box and use it as your business address.
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Mail arrives at your P O Box and is handled securely, even if you are not around. Compare that to a scenario in which mail arrives at your home. Business mail sent to a home is less secure. If thieves know that you operate a business out of your home but are not always there, they may sift through your mail looking for valuable mail items, such as checks or business credit cards.

Another element of security is that your mail doesn't pile up in the mailbox at your home or office. Instead, it piles up at the P O Box. So, if you are out of town frequently, a P O Box ensures that you are not sending a message to burglars: "I am out of town. Please feel free to rob me."

P O Boxes also offer flexibility. Your P O Box address is permanent. Even if you are moving frequently, you can maintain a single address to ensure business consistency.

Beyond some of the more obvious benefits of P O Boxes mentioned above, including privacy, security, and flexibility, a P O Box can be used to cost-effectively set up an office in another town. Opening PO Boxes in multiple cities can give you the appearance of being local and can be part of a larger plan to expand your business.

How Much Does a P O Box Cost?

P O Box fees are very affordable.

The cost for a P O Box for a six-month term starts as low as $12.

How to Rent a P O Box

Ready to rent a P O Box?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) makes renting a P O Box easy.

Use their P O Box Pricing Tool to search by address or ZIP Code for a PO Box near you. The tool shows available PO Box sizes and P O Box fees for nearby post offices.

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Are you using, or planning on using, a P O Box for business? What do you view as the pros and cons of renting a business P O Box?

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