August 2, 2020  
  Small Business Postage and Mailing Solutions is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

From digital postage meters to postage discounts, we've got you covered. In these articles, we discuss postage and mailing solutions for small and midsized businesses.

Small Business Mailing Solutions

  • Digital Postage Meters - If keeping costs down is important to you, you'd do well to get a digital postage meter to handle the mail you send out on behalf of your business.
  • USPS Postage Rates for Letters - Postage rates for letters depend on a number of factors. We take a look at USPS postage costs for letters and touch on a few helpful mailing tips for small business owners.
  • How to Rent a P O Box - Many business owners find that having a Post Office Box (also known as a P O Box) can improve operations. We discuss the benefits of renting a P O Box for small business owners.
  • How to Get a Bulk Mail Permit - Wondering how to get discounted postage for direct mail campaigns? We explain how you can get a bulk mailing permit so you can use your postage meter on direct mail campaigns and get lower postage rates.
  • Pitney Bowes Mailstation 2 Small Business Postage Meter - In the market for a small business postage meter? The Pitney Bowes mailstation 2 digital postage meter is one of the best postage meters for a small business.
  • USPS Postage Meter Migration Mandate - It's helpful to understand how postage meters have evolved over time before buying a postage meter for your small business.

  • Postage Discounts - Many business owners blindly overpay for postage when they could take advantage of steep postage discounts. Learn what it takes to reduce small business postage costs.
  • Small Business Mail Tips - Making the most of small business mail can give you an edge over the competition. We offer some useful small business mail tips that will help you tap into the power of mail to grow a business.
  • How Distance Affects Small Business Postage Rates - For certain classes of mail, postage rates are determined by how far the mail travels to get to its destination. We discuss which types of mail have postage rates that are dependent on distance.
  • Authorized Postage Meter Providers - Looking for small business mailing solutions? This list of authorized postage meters is a good starting point for any small business interested in leasing postage meters.
  • Postage Meters - Want to print postage at work? Printing postage at the office is easy. The simplest way to do it is to use a digital postage meter.
  • USPS Express Mail - If you are using the United States Postal Service to send packages, Express Mail is the fastest service for time-sensitive letters, documents or merchandise. When you send mail using Express Mail, you get guaranteed overnight delivery to most locations or your money back.
  • Postage Meter Supplies - Postage meter supplies can be costly. It's important to look at total costs when buying a postage meter. Source cheap postage meter supplies...but be sure you get high-quality postage machine supplies.
  • Buying Forever Stamps - For businesses that use stamps to mail business correspondence, the Forever Stamp offers a way to buy First-Class postage stamps that will be valid, regardless of how postage rates change in the future.
  • Minimize Costs for Returned Mail - What does returned mail cost small business owners? More than you might imagine. We take a look at the many costs small businesses must pay for returned mail.
  • Postage Rate Increase 2011 - These are tough times for the United States Postal Service (USPS) and a postage rate increase for 2011 is planned to alleviate the Postal Service's financial pain.




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