Becoming a Religious Entrepreneur

How to Start a Mennonite Church

Ready to break into the entrepreneurial ranks? Perhaps it's the right moment to start a Mennonite church. Our guide will take you through the process step-by-step.

Thinking about opening a Mennonite church? We tell you what you need to know to get started.

The Modern Mennonite Tradition

When many people think of Mennonites, their minds immediately conjure up images of staid, religious folk who are in close religious and cultural proximity to the Amish. But modern Mennonites represent an amazingly diverse cross-section of Americans, the majority of whom are indistinguishable from other Protestant Christians.

The Mennonite Church USA is the denominational hub of today's Mennonite tradition. In any given Mennonite church you might find a contemporary, guitar-driven worship band being led by a young person in jeans and a T-shirt. However, today's Mennonite continue to promote the core values of the faith including an evangelical worldview, participation in relief ministries and pacifistic tendencies.

The Mennonite Church's evangelical commitment translates into a strong dedication to church planting activities. For more information about the process required for launching a Mennonite church, contact your region's Mennonite area conference.

Using Social Media for a Mennonite Church Plant

Modern Mennonites have enthusiastically embraced emerging technologies, including the many social networking sites that have become woven into the fabric of everyday American life.

Facebook is an especially popular social media resource and presents several opportunities for Mennonite church planters. With the right strategy, churches can use Facebook to promote events and forge meaningful connections with congregants.

Although Facebook offers paid advertising as an option, most Mennonite church plants can access the benefits of Facebook at no cost. For cash-strapped church planters, Facebook may be the best and most viable strategy for reaching large numbers of people in a short period of time.

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