How to Start a Church

How to Start a Metaphysical Church

Starting a Metaphysical church can get you on the path to a spiritually rewarding future as long as you can attract a loyal and engaged congregation. This article contains tips and advice to develop your church successfully.

Thinking about opening a Metaphysical church? We tell you what you need to know to get started.

Metaphysical Church Basics

Metaphysical churches represent a rich, entrepreneurial field. They differ sharply from traditional churches in that they are non-dogmatic, non-doctrinal institutions that reject conventional theological and denominational standards. Most metaphysical churches synthesize religion, science and philosophy in pursuit of cosmic truth and universal consciousness.

Metaphysical churches are classified as part of the New Thought movement, a spiritual umbrella that includes Unity, Religious Science, Divine Science and other religious groups. Since each church is independent and autonomous, religious entrepreneurs in the metaphysical tradition have complete control over the startup process. Nonetheless, it's important for metaphysical entrepreneurs to be connected and conversant within the metaphysical community, if not already an established expert in metaphysical philosophy.

Metaphysical Church Models

When business entrepreneurs approach the task of a small business startup, they begin by constructing a business model. A business model is a plan that describes how the company will perform its mission and become a profitable business enterprise.

Just like small businesses, new metaphysical churches need to create a functional model prior to launch. Your metaphysical church model will need to address a variety of issues such as the need you are meeting, the unique spiritual value you provide to the community, the resources you will need to perform your mission and the costs associated with fulfilling your church's reason for existence.

As a metaphysical church, your startup model should also include discussion of online and/or offline publishing vehicles since most metaphysical institutions rely on the dissemination and sale of literature to perform their core mission.

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