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Increase Customer's Website Visit Time

Written by Rayzelle Forrest Young for Gaebler Ventures

This article explains how to get website visitors to browse your site for longer amounts of time. Learn about the importance of this in order to increase the likelihood of visitors making a purchase.

Internet research shows the longer a customer stays on your website the more likely they are to buy from you or do whatever it is you are trying to get them to do.

This research also shows that the average website visitor spends just 30 seconds browsing your site to see if your company has what they are looking for. If your website can not convince visitors to take action within the first 30 seconds then they are probably going to move on to another site. It does none of your traffic increasing tactics any good if visitors don't actually stay at your website long enough to purchase your products or services. Here is how you can increase your customer's website visit time and in turn increase your business profits.

Good Content

You will need to have quality content on your page that your visitors are genuinely interested in. Quality content will keep their attention and encourage them to read more. This means they will have a longer visit time and higher probability of doing business with you. This is especially important with visitors who are new or have not used your products or services yet.


Create some interaction on your website. This could be done in the form of a treasure hunt, word search or even a hidden link search. Offer some kind of bonus for completing the activity to increase the chance of getting a purchase. Of course you want to make sure your activities pertain to your line of business. If you are a plumbing business you could include a treasure hunt that consists of your visitors finding tools that are used by a plumber.

Various Pages of Articles

Fill your site with multiple pages of helpful and interesting articles pertaining to your product or service. This will help your visitors stay longer by leading them to read several helpful articles. This also helps to build trust in your company as one that is genuinely concerned with helping and providing useful information to its customers. When people feel you sincerely want to help them and not just take their money, they are more apt to do business with you.

Resource Links

Put helpful resource links throughout your site. Your website visitors can click on these links and get additional information about your industry that may be of help to them. This allows your site to also become a database for industry information which will keep your visitors around longer. If you are in the business of selling shrimps you could add numerous recipes that require the use of shrimps. This means that visitors can use the recipes and purchase shrimps from you as an ingredient.

Essentially what you want to do is add value to your website in order to increase customer's visiting time. Do this with good content, interaction, articles and resources and your website visitors will stay long enough to increase your bottom line.

Rayzelle is an entrepreneur and writer. Based on her experiences as an owner of her own dance studio, she will share her personal tips on being a successful entrepreneur.

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