August 5, 2020  

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Choose the laptop that's right for your small business needs. These useful articles on how to buy laptop computers for a business will make buying those new laptops a snap!

Laptop Computers

  • Laptops Versus Desktops - Laptops versus desktops -- which one is most productive for your employees? With laptops coming down in price and increasingly having just as much power as traditional desktop computers, is it time for your small business to switch over to laptops?
  • Apple Laptop Versus PC Laptop? - It's a tough decision -- should I buy an Apple laptop or buy a PC laptop? The Apple laptop is more expensive, but there are a few features that may make it worth the extra cost. On the other hand, there's a reason most business owners are buying PC laptops.
  • Features to Consider When Purchasing a Laptop - The first step in buying a laptop is to understand the various laptop features and establish your laptop selection criteria. Once you've decided on laptop features, purchasing a laptop becomes a much easier task.
  • Good Business Laptops - Good business laptops need to be reliable, powerful and exceptionally durable. Many laptops meet those requirements . . . and many don't. Here are five popular business laptops that should be on your short list.
  • Buying Used or Refurbished Laptops - Used and refurbished laptops can be a great way to save some money and do right by the environment. The downside is that buying used laptops requires even more due diligence than is required for the purchase of a new one.
  • Laptop Warranties - Laptop warranties vary from company to company and from laptop to laptop. When it comes to buying a business laptop, the biggest mistake you can make is to assume that all warranties for laptops are the same.




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