August 5, 2020  

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The best business strategies are often those that target markets precisely and effectively. Learn about how market strategies should impact your overall business strategy.

Market Strategies

  • Should You Worry About Early Imitators - Emerging companies often have to deal with larger competitors who take notice of their new venture and imitate their activities as a way to squash any potential threat they may pose. However, if you have the right business strategy, imitation can be flattering, not threatening.
  • Creating Strategic Alliances - These days, going it alone as a small business owner is a recipe for a small business disaster. Smart entrepreneurs know that strategic partnerships are the foundation for small business success.
  • Performing an External Analysis - Performing an external analysis is important to the long term competitiveness of your firm. Being cognizant of your environment is advisable for an individual as well as a company. This article discusses the steps necessary to perform a quality external audit.
  • Competing Against Big Companies - Remember David and Goliath? David took on a giant and beat him. You can do the same thing in business, and join a long list of David and Goliath business stories where a small company takes on a big company and emerges victorious.
  • Value Proposition and Sony's AIBO - A value proposition is a marketing statement that explains to a consumer the reasons that he or she should purchase a product or service. This often helps galvanize the strategic marketing plan for products of many companies. Such is the case with Sony's AIBO.
  • Political Climate and Strategic Position - Whether you are looking to assess the attractiveness of a new country or considering a strategic evaluation of your current activities, the political climate shall have a significant bearing on your business and therefore, should be appropriately analyzed before reaching any conclusions.

  • Maintaining Market Leadership - How do market leaders like Wal-Mart and Dell maintain their dominance? They focus on implementing a single strategy more effectively than their competitors, and as market leaders, meet and exceed consumers' expectations. Understanding how they accomplish this gives rival firms a chance to decrease their market shares and dominance.
  • Partnering with External Stakeholders - Because organizations face increasingly complex and competitive markets, the relations with their external stakeholders become vital. This is part one of a two part series of articles addressing each of the most common stakeholders and how to maximize their satisfaction with the company.
  • How to Officially License Your Business - Licensing your business is a great way to give your business the boost it needs. But when is the right time to secure a license and how do you do it?




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