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Marketing a Backhoe and Bulldozer Business

It's becoming more and more difficult for backhoe and bulldozer businesses to rise above the clamor of the marketplace. Innovative marketing strategies may be your best bet for out-promoting -- and outperforming -- the competition.

We see marketing as the great equalizer, a business discipline capable of dramatically increasing a small company's footprint in the marketplace.

Strategic marketing tactics can help small backhoe and bulldozer businesses scale their visibility with consumers. The key is to market smart through the consistent application of fundamental marketing concepts.

Measurement & Evaluation

Performance is the ultimate measure of quality. You can improve the quality of your B2B and B2C efforts by considering professional mailing lists provided by established vendors. That's just one of the ways backhoe and bulldozer businesses may be able to increase the impact of their marketing tactics. But on the whole, measurement and evaluation are two of the most powerful weapons in your ROI arsenal. A robust measurement and evaluation process should include metrics that can be monitored on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Designed to monitor marketing efforts on a campaign-by-campaign basis, these metrics can be used as a baseline for strategic planning. Simple quantitative tools are a good start. However, backhoe and bulldozer businesses often choose to consult with professional marketers for assessment tools and strategic insights.

Product Knowledge

There is no substitute for being able to speak convincingly about your products in a backhoe and bulldozer business. Small product details translate into key value propositions which are critical for distinguishing a backhoe and bulldozer business from the rest of the field. Product knowledge is so important that we advise SMBs to consult a marketing professional to identify and exploit their brands' product-based value propositions.


Messaging matters - but only to the degree that it communicates value to cost-conscious consumers. Businesses that bundle products tap into the market's psyche by creating the perception (real or imagined) of cost-savings. Nearly any type of business can tap into the benefits of bundling products or services, so it's easy to see how backhoe and bulldozer businesses have the ability to bundle multiple products and services into a single offering that customers find appealing. Often, bundling is used to offload excess inventory or to pair a low profit product with one that has a higher markup.

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