August 7, 2020  
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At first blush, niche marketing seems like a simple concept -- find a niche and market to it. But every niche has unique marketing needs. We take a look at what it takes to be an effective niche marketer and offer insights on how to tap into a few high-potential niche markets.

Niche Marketing

  • Marketing to Niche Markets - If you have a large target market, it might be beneficial to narrow down your market even more. Knowing more about niche markets in your industry can be beneficial and cost-effective if you know how to properly market to them.
  • How to Market to Accountants and CPAs - If you've got something to sell to accountants or want to get accountants to recommend your products or services to your clients, then it's time to learn more about marketing to accountants.
  • Marketing to Children - Marketing to children has become a hot topic. Not that long ago, children were generally not thought of as a demographic to advertise to. But, marketers now recognize that kids have buying influence that needs to be courted.
  • Advertising Your Business to Seniors - This article outlines how to effectively advertise your business to senior. Discusses the correct medium to use and how to use it when doing this.
  • Do Teens Have More Expendable Income Than Their Parents? - They've got pocket money or allowances, money earned from weekend jobs or doing home chores, cash gifts from kindly grandparents. Never overlook the teens as a consumer market because you think they don't have spending power.
  • Marketing to Teenagers Effectively - Are teenagers a viable sector to market to? How do you grab their attention? Here are some things to include and be cautious of when marketing to this segment.

  • Companies That Market to Small Businesses - Looking for companies that market to small business? This is an evolving list of firms that sell to small businesses. It's a great resource for anybody looking for ways to reach small business owners.
  • Marketing to Teens - Learn techniques you should use when marketing your business to teens. Tips for making your product relate to teens in order to get them to buy from you.
  • Product Creation Tips for a Niche Market - How is it that some niche marketers create product after product, while others struggle to come up with one product idea, let alone creating a product? If you are having a hard time coming up with product ideas, there are some tips that can activate your creativity.
  • Pharma eMarketing - Pharma eMarketing practitioners tap into the power of the web to converse with patients, physicians and other pharmaceutical company constituents. Although pharmaceutical eMarketing leverages eMarketing best practices from other industries, there are some unique aspects to marketing pharma online.
  • Strategies for Selling to Upper Class American Society - What possesses people to buy a five dollar cup of coffee at Starbucks rather than one for a dollar at McDonalds? Why does one buy a $400 climbing jacket when he or she has no intention of ever summiting Everest?
  • Pharma eMarketing Advice - Pharma emarketing must resonate with providers, patients and other healthcare stakeholders. In an era where scrutiny of health care costs is front and center, the focus of online pharmaceutical marketing now must emphasize cost and value.

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