October 20, 2020  
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Marketing a Boating Instruction Business

Looking for innovative ways to market a boating instruction business? Although you there are no magic bullets that will enable you to dominate the industry, there are several things you can do to improve visibility and market presence.

Looking for the right marketing mix for your boating instruction business? That's becoming a common theme these days, especially in this market sector.

Simplistic promotional techniques can't penetrate the clutter of the current marketplace. You'll also need to incorporate creativity, common sense, and flawless execution into your marketing routines.

Loss Leaders

Like many businesses, boating instruction businesses understand that more customers will walk through the door if a few products are priced at less than full retail value. Moreover, a loss leader marketing strategy can compensate for dead periods when customers tend to making purchases. The key is to know your profit margins and use loss leader pricing to undercut the competition in targeted product categories. For boating instruction businesses, this approach is most advantageous when it is coupled with a promotion for complementary products or services that are offered at full pricing. With adequate preparation, a loss leader promotion can be publicized through all of your company's marketing channels, including the company website.

Marketing Collateral

Every piece of collateral your boating instruction business creates is a tangible reflection of your brand distinctive and core values. Some pieces of collateral can be customized for recipients, while others serve a more generic purpose. Either way, you have a stake in making sure it gets into the right hands. For direct mail campaigns, premium mailing lists from established vendors can protect the value of your investment. It doesn't make sense to invest time and creativity in marketing collateral only to drop the ball on distribution. Without proper attention to distribution details, your boating instruction business's investment in collateral will be pointless.

Strategic Partnerships

When multiple interests join together in a strategic partnership, they gain boating instruction businesses a new approach to the marketplace, rooted in the achievement of shared objectives. Joint ad campaigns, mailings and other marketing initiatives can be conducted on either a short- or long-term basis, as long as each partner is involved in the creation of messaging and has approval authority over the content that is released.

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