October 24, 2020  
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Marketing a Brushes and Brooms Retail Business

You're heavily invested in the success of your brushes and brooms retail business and failure isn't an option. That means you'll also need to invest yourself in the strategies and techniques it takes to effectively market your brand in the marketplace.

A single characteristic divides today's best brushes and brooms retail businesses from companies at the bottom of the food chain.

Time and time again, we see ingenuity, hard work, and industry knowledge as the deciding factors for brushes and brooms retail business profitability.


Directories are a common tool for finding a brushes and brooms retail business. Directory selection is often dictated by the market when promoting brushes and brooms retail businesses in a region or territory. Paid directory listings are gaining steam in some sectors. But paid listings don't necessarily translate into better results - many free directories have just as much firepower as premium ones. Regardless of whether it is a premium or free listing opportunity, every directory needs to be evaluated on its own merits. Some directories may also let you list more than your name and contact information, so be sure to ask whether your listing can include a logo and other information about your business.

Marketing Collateral

There is nothing insignificant about marketing collateral. Even small pieces of marketing content, from business cards to product sheets, say something about your brushes and brooms retail business. To squeeze the most impact from your collateral, it needs to be targeted toward its recipients. Delivered to the wrong person, a valuable piece of collateral will collect dust. For direct mail campaigns, premium mailing lists from established vendors can protect the value of your investment. It doesn't make sense to invest time and creativity in marketing collateral only to drop the ball on distribution. Without proper attention to distribution details, your brushes and brooms retail business's investment in collateral will be pointless.

Improve Your Business Sign

Good signage is a Business 101 concept. Although brushes and brooms retail businesses come in all shapes and sizes, every company in this space should thoughtfully consider what your signage says to potential customers. Visibility, branding elements and other considerations are all factors in the design and size of your operation's business signage.

Since the signage for brushes and brooms retail businesses has unique characteristics, you'll want to make sure to adhere to industry norms as well as local zoning requirements. Talk with somebody who knows a lot about business signage advice and get their input before you create new business signs.

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For brushes and brooms retail businesses, good advice can be hard to find. If you have firsthand marketing experience to share, we invite you to submit your comments below. Questions are also welcome and we will try to reply ASAP.

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