October 22, 2020  
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Marketing a Canoe and Kayak Rental Business

Trying to market a canoe and kayak rental business? It's a crowded marketplace, but with dedication and persistence, great marketing can help your business outperform larger competitors.

Great canoe and kayak rental business owners are skilled marketers. Yet in this industry, the characteristics of able marketers aren't always obvious.

A lack of marketing experience can sometimes be overcome through persistence and innovation, two key features of canoe and kayak rental business marketing success.

Managing Negative Publicity

Negative publicity is never easy to deal with, especially for canoe and kayak rental businesses. Bad situation inevitably get worse when companies haven't prepared for the possibility of a negative news cycle. The creation of a quality, crisis PR plan and the adequate preparation of key stakeholders is a requirement for any canoe and kayak rental business interested in controlling negative messages. Mailing list providers can also provide quick access to accurate mailing lists, an important consideration if your crisis response plan contains a direct mail component.

When It's Time to Rebrand

There are many reasons why it might be time to begin a rebranding initiative - but a lack of alternative tactics is not one of them. Rebranding is an intentional marketing technique designed to deliver long term results. For a canoe and kayak rental business, brands are tied to specific stages in the life of a business. If your company is expanding, you will inevitably outgrow your brand and it will be time to prepare for a comprehensive rebranding effort. Unless you are confident that you possess the skills necessary to rebrand your business, we advise consulting with a professional marketing firm before you introduce a new brand to your customers.


Think you know all there is to know about coupling? Maybe not, at least when it comes to using coupons for canoe and kayak rental business marketing. Although there are various ways to utilize coupons, the universal objective is to increase traffic, revenue and market exposure. Many canoe and kayak rental business operations leverage couponing to entice first-time customers to make initial contact with the brand. To improve the impact of your campaigns, routinely monitor local online and offline marketing channels to learn about the types of coupon offers that are common in your geography.

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