October 26, 2020  
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Marketing a Credit and Charge Plans Business

Marketing a credit and charge plans business isn't as simple as it seems. To get noticed, you'll need to invest time, energy, and resources in an innovative marketing plan.

We recognize that the best credit and charge plans business leaders tend to possess solid marketing skills. However, capable marketing is elusive for many leaders in this industry.

But by creating a strong marketing strategy, you undergird your connection to your base. With that in mind, it's important to leverage marketing as a path toward better customer engagement in your credit and charge plans business's strategic plan.

Make Sure You Have a Good Business Sign

A great sign is a 24/7 marketing tool for your company. Despite the fact that credit and charge plans businesses are very different from each other, signage can be used by any credit and charge plans business to communicate the company's value to their customers. Visibility, branding elements and other considerations are all factors in the design and size of your operation's business signage.

Given the fact that signage in credit and charge plans businesses has unique characteristics, you'll want to make sure to adhere to industry norms as well as local zoning requirements. Talk to a nearby business sign franchise company or an independent business sign company and see what they recommend.

Managing Negative Publicity

A certain amount of negative publicity is a given for most credit and charge plans businesses. But the time to address your response to negative publicity is before it happens. If you wait until a crisis hits, it's already too late to control the message. PR savvy credit and charge plans businesses work with consultants to develop a crisis response plan that can be executed on a moment's notice. Mailing list providers can also provide quick access to accurate mailing lists, an important consideration if your crisis response plan contains a direct mail component.


Newsletters can pack a promotional punch. How? By subtly using information to promote the benefits of your products and services. Unlike flyers and other advertising mediums, newsletters have an informational focus. In fact, the best newsletters encourage customers to take the next step without ever asking for a sale. It's not unusual for credit and charge plans businesses to distribute newsletters through online channels (e.g. in email campaigns and as PDFs on the company website).

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