January 15, 2021  
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Marketing a Malpractice Law Firm

The task of promoting a malpractice law firm has to receive the highest priority in your organization. But what marketing techniques and strategies are successful in the current economy?

A high-quality marketing plan connects your company to your customers. Without it, you'll quickly find your malpractice law firm cut off from the marketplace.

Strategic marketing tactics can help small malpractice law firms scale their visibility with consumers. Though small organizations may not have the marketing budgets of large corporations, the consistent delivery of targeted messaging has a cumulative effect on the market's consciousness.


You've seen the contest concept in action, even if it wasn't used in a malpractice law firm. Although a contest won't automatically translate into higher revenue, it can be a strategic component of a comprehensive marketing plan. Even good contests carry risks, namely the possibility that your business will be dogged by allegations of unfair prize awards. That's why malpractice law firms invest time and resources to create contests they can count on to achieve desired outcomes.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns make use of the fact that most consumers and businesses receive information electronically. More than 50% of all email users check their inbox six or more times a day. What does that mean for your company? It means the odds are in favor of email campaigns actually connecting with customers. In many malpractice law firms, the real challenge is compiling a substantive quantity of qualified email addresses. Premium mailing list providers can mitigate the cost and hassle of in-house list generation. More importantly, providers typically give business owner an assurance that their lists are accurate and up-to-date.

Competitive Awareness

Competitive awareness is the starting point for creativity in marketing. There's nothing wrong with creativity, but if it precludes your messaging from being represented alongside other malpractice law firms, there's a good chance that you're missing something. At a minimum, we recommend seeking a third-party perspective before you adopt any innovations that dramatically alter your marketing model.

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