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Marketing a Maxillofacial Physicians and Surgeons Group

Marketing a maxillofacial physicians and surgeons group isn't as simple as it seems. To get noticed, you'll need to invest time, energy, and resources in an innovative marketing plan.

There are no shortcuts to success in marketing a maxillofacial physicians and surgeons group. In this industry, the application of fundamental marketing tactics is more valuable than promotional fads and gimmicks.

Top performers habitually integrate sound marketing concepts with market demands.


Directories are a common tool for finding a maxillofacial physicians and surgeons group. Directory selection is often dictated by the market when promoting maxillofacial physicians and surgeons groups in a region or territory. Premium directories may or may not deliver the ROI you expect to receive from paid marketing vehicles. Regardless of whether it is a premium or free listing opportunity, every directory needs to be evaluated on its own merits. Some directories may also let you list more than your name and contact information, so be sure to ask whether your listing can include a logo and other information about your business.

Strategic Partnerships

When multiple interests join together in a strategic partnership, they gain maxillofacial physicians and surgeons groups economies of scale, not to mention a larger promotional footprint. Joint ad campaigns, mailings and other marketing initiatives can be conducted on either a short- or long-term basis, as long as each partner is involved in the creation of messaging and has approval authority over the content that is released.

Promotional Calendars

Sloppy marketing programs have no place in growing maxillofacial physicians and surgeons groups. Promotional or marketing calendars coordinate the execution of your strategy and result in a more efficient use of both internal and external resources. When used in tandem with a quality mailing list provider, promotional calendars can ensure the continuous execution of direct mail campaigns.

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