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You have to be light on your feet to stay ahead of the curve these days, especially when you're promoting a record label. We have the information you need to create a nimble, yet effective marketing strategy for your business.

Marketing is the bridge between an organization and its customer base. Build your bridge poorly and you'll quickly find your record label cut off from the marketplace.

But with the right combination of resources, techniques, and strategies, any record label can achieve greater marketing dominance through strategic marketing and robust value messaging

Product Knowledge

There is no substitute for being able to speak convincingly about your products in a record label. Whether you outsource marketing or handle it in-house, the more familiar marketing personnel are with your products' distinctive characteristics, the easier it will be to devise marketing strategies that differentiate your record label in the marketplace. If you can't articulate your products' unique characteristics, your messaging - and revenue stream - will suffer.


Think you know all there is to know about coupling? Maybe not, at least when it comes to using coupons for record label advertising. Although there are various ways to utilize coupons, the universal objective is to increase traffic, revenue and market exposure. In a typical coupon scenario, record label operations use coupons to encourage new customers to give their product offerings a try, effectively stealing market share from competitors that have invested in customer loyalty schemes. Coupled with other marketing techniques, a steady stream of legitimate coupon promotions can incentivize periodic customers to increase the frequency of purchases from your company.


There are a lot worthwhile reasons for record labels to conduct direct marketing. Direct mail has the advantage of delivering targeted messaging to qualified contacts within your company's market segment. Top-tier mailing list providers consistently deliver high impact and affordable lists to clients throughout the industry. Despite the added upfront expense, premium mailing lists are a smart investment if for no other reason than their ability to generate higher conversion rates.

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What challenges have you experienced in marketing your record label? How did you overcome those challenges? If you have practical insights about marketing, we'd like to hear from you.

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