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Marketing a Rock Lawns and Rockscaping Business

Looking for innovative ways to market a rock lawns and rockscaping business? Although you there are no magic bullets that will enable you to dominate the industry, there are several things you can do to improve visibility and market presence.

If it's executed properly, marketing spans the gap between your brand and your audience. If you fail to recognize the primacy of good marketing you'll quickly find your rock lawns and rockscaping business cut off from the marketplace.

Strategic marketing tactics can help small rock lawns and rockscaping businesses scale their visibility with consumers. What small companies lack in resources, they can make up for in marketing intelligence and expertise.

Marketing Collateral

Every piece of collateral your rock lawns and rockscaping business creates is a tangible reflection of your brand distinctive and core values. To squeeze the most impact from your collateral, it needs to be targeted toward its recipients. Delivered to the wrong person, a valuable piece of collateral will collect dust. For direct mail campaigns, premium mailing lists from established vendors can protect the value of your investment. It doesn't make sense to invest time and creativity in marketing collateral only to drop the ball on distribution. Without proper attention to distribution details, your rock lawns and rockscaping business's brochures, direct mail letters and other content has no value.

Do We Really Need A Logo?

The question of whether or not to create a logo for a rock lawns and rockscaping business is a big deal. In tight markets, logos differentiate one company from the next. More importantly, a good logo can differentiate your value proposition from your competitors. Logos aren't something that can be changed overnight so it's important to put some thought into logo design. With a lot riding on a logo, it's worth the investment to hire a professional marketing and design firm for your logo needs.


Discounts drive purchasing decisions, and rock lawns and rockscaping business consumers fit the pattern and factor discounts into their spending decisions. The power of a great discount is its ability to convince buyers that are receiving special treatment, a deal that isn't ordinarily available. Due to the market intelligence of buyers in the rock lawns and rockscaping business industry, you won't get far with discounts unless you communicate clear value. Offsetting discounts with inflated pricing is a tired ploy that often does more harm than good. Instead, think about how you can use discounts to lure customers in during a slow period, to generate traction for new product offerings, and to break into new markets.

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