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Marketing a Roofing Hatches and Scuttles Business

You're heavily invested in the success of your roofing hatches and scuttles business and failure isn't an option. That means you'll also need to invest yourself in the strategies and techniques it takes to effectively market your brand in the marketplace.

The marketing model for a roofing hatches and scuttles business has historically adapted to changes in consumer buying patterns and the market itself.

Top performers habitually integrate sound marketing concepts with market demands.

Social Media Monitoring

The use of social media as a marketing tool is the latest wave to overtake the small business community. Combined with a functional company website, social media attracts new customers and converts them to brand advocates. Social media can quickly go negative, turning brand advocacy into "badvocacy", a scenario in which consumers and users create content deriding your company and your products. All roofing hatches and scuttles businesses are especially vulnerable to negative exposure through social media. To counter negative social media, you'll need to monitor your brand's online presence and enter the conversation, redirecting negative discussions toward more positive topics.

Marketing Expertise

Whether you're a marketing newbie or a seasoned veteran, you need to make a deliberate effort to educate yourself about innovative marketing principles. Owners of roofing hatches and scuttles businesses are usually hesitant to engage in high-risk marketing. Since inexperience raises the risk level, the quality of the marketer is just as important as the quality of the message. When in doubt, tap into either an internal or external knowledge base to design your company's marketing strategy.


It makes sense for roofing hatches and scuttles businesses to participate in direct marketing. Direct mail has the advantage of delivering targeted messaging to qualified contacts within your company's market segment. Third-party providers have a reputation for generating accurate mailing lists that can be sorted to accommodate niches and subsections of the market. Despite the added upfront expense, premium mailing lists are a smart investment if for no other reason than their ability to generate higher conversion rates.

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