June 4, 2020  
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Marketing a Welding Fittings Business

The value and earning capacity of a welding fittings business largely depends on the quality of its marketing efforts. But great marketing takes a lot more than hanging a shingle and hoping for the best.

Wondering how to market your welding fittings business? It's hard to get your messages heard through the industry's noise.

A robust marketing plan cements your company's relationships with customers. When viewed from this perspective, marketing becomes a customer engagement concern in a welding fittings business's planning process.

Industry Resources

Business leadership can be a lonely profession, especially when you're leading a welding fittings business. Although there is a tendency to believe that the challenges you face are unique to your business, your competitors face many of the same marketing hurdles and obstacles. To overcome those obstacles, you'll need to tap into industry resources. Even though trade journals have value, we've found that the best insights are often gained through face-to-face contact with industry insiders.

Leveraging Print Ads

You're probably familiar with many of the ways print advertising has been used to market welding fittings businesses. Historically, Gutenberg's invention has been used for a broad range of commercial and promotional applications. But although businesses have more promotional options than ever before, there are many attractive venues for featuring your welding fittings business in printed media. These days, the key to effective print advertising is to align the publication with your business goals and ROI requirements.


It makes sense for welding fittings businesses to participate in direct marketing. Direct mail has the advantage of delivering targeted messaging to qualified contacts within your company's market segment. Third-party providers have a reputation for generating accurate mailing lists that can be sorted to accommodate niches and subsections of the market. Despite the added upfront expense, premium mailing lists are a smart investment if for no other reason than their ability to generate higher conversion rates.

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What tactics have you used to market your welding fittings business? We enjoy getting feedback and questions from you. Please post your thoughts below.

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