Marketing Plans for Niche Markets

Marketing a Wholesale Wallpaper and Wallcovering Business

The key to success in marketing a wholesale wallpaper and wallcovering business is to combine time-tested marketing techniques with the most cutting edge strategies in today's marketplace.

Novice marketers are typically unprepared for the challenge of promoting brands and products in the competitive arena.

Strategic marketing tactics can help small wholesale wallpaper and wallcovering businesses scale their visibility with consumers. The key is to market smart through the consistent application of fundamental marketing concepts.

Expand Your Advertising Options

The number of advertising options to choose from can be overwhelming. Traditional advertising mediums like print ads, billboards, TV & radio commercials, are still popular in many industries and business sectors. When it comes to wholesale wallpaper and wallcovering businesses, the challenge is identifying the advertising solutions that are appropriate for your customers and consistent with your marketing goals. Over the past several years, wholesale wallpaper and wallcovering businesses get solid marketing results from online channels capable of streaming high value content to a large, yet targeted customer base.

Media Monitoring

Some marketing initiatives lend themselves to simple measurement while others are more challenging. Direct mail can be evaluated by tallying the cost of inputs (e.g. a premium mailing list, printing, postage, etc.) and measuring the number of customer responses you receive from the campaign. The difficulty comes when you are tasked with quantifying market presence and brand influence. To gauge brand reputation and presence, many wholesale wallpaper and wallcovering businesses turn to media monitoring. Although media monitoring is not the only tool for measuring intangible brand qualities, it has the benefit of highlighting negative PR, giving your wholesale wallpaper and wallcovering business the ability to control bad buzz when it appears in the marketplace.

Broadcast Advertising

No doubt about it, the Internet has had a dramatic impact on TV and radio advertising. Rather than tuning in for information, many buyers now prefer to get their news and entertainment through online sources. Broadcast advertising is down - but it's not out. Today's leading wholesale wallpaper and wallcovering businesses continue to find ways to attract audiences to their brand through broadcast media. Best practices for the use of broadcast advertising require businesses to evaluate their target audience's listening or viewing patterns and then tailor their media purchases to specific media outlets rather than blanketing the geography with brand messaging. When marketing wholesale wallpaper and wallcovering businesses, the target audience is almost always local or regional. For broader reach, you'll likely need to look beyond broadcast venues and explore other online and offline marketing vehicles.

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