February 21, 2020  
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Marketing an Acupuncture Information and Referral Service

Looking for innovative ways to market an acupuncture information and referral service? Although you there are no magic bullets that will enable you to dominate the industry, there are several things you can do to improve visibility and market presence.

Although innovation is important, consistency is critical when you market an acupuncture information and referral service. For businesses in this sector, solid execution and a commitment to core messaging are the most valuable marketing traits.

Staying on track requires attention to detail and a commitment to foundational marketing principles.

Media Monitoring

Many marketing techniques are easy to evaluate. Outsourced lead generation through reputable mailing list vendors facilitates easy measurement and evaluation for direct mail campaigns. But how do you go about measuring your brand's marketing footprint in geographic and demographic sectors? Fortunately, media monitoring has the ability to give your acupuncture information and referral service a sense of market presence and other variables that are difficult to quantify. If executed properly, media monitoring can help your brand get ahead of negative messaging and exert greater influence over news cycles.

Geolocational Marketing

Have you noticed that almost everyone has a smartphone these days? Savvy marketers believe that smartphone marketing is the next big promotional trend and are investing in strategies that leverage the mobile computing power of today's consumers. Equipped with GPS components, today's smartphones give consumers the ability to perform navigation and other geolocational tasks. Since you're an acupuncture information and referral service marketing professional, geolocational features can be a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. Exploiting geolocational capabilities requires sophisticated tools and marketing strategies. There are many ways to influence consumers through mobile GPS. However, in its simplest form, geolocational marketing enables consumers to identify an acupuncture information and referral service that is closest to their present location.

Product Knowledge

Are you intimately familiar with your brands' product line? You better be if you're marketing an acupuncture information and referral service. Whether you outsource marketing or handle it in-house, the more familiar marketing personnel are with your products' distinctive characteristics, the easier it will be to devise marketing strategies that differentiate your acupuncture information and referral service from the rest of the field. If necessary, conduct product information meetings before launching a major marketing initiative.

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The acupuncture information and referral service industry is evolving, and new marketing tactics should be tested on a regular basis. We welcome your comments and feedback about marketing techniques in this space.

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