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Marketing an Orthodontics Dentists Business

At Gaebler, we've seen what great marketing can do for a small business. But if you own an orthodontics dentists business, exceptional marketing may well be the determining factor in your long-term survival and success.

For every orthodontics dentists business winner, there many more orthodontics dentists businesses struggling to survive.

Common sense and practical decision making are part of the marketing equation. However, the most visible brands are always on the lookout for the marketing tactics competitive orthodontics dentists businesses have used to achieve success.

Marketing Consultants

As a small business owner, it's tempting to think that you have what it takes to market your brand effectively. Maybe you do. But in our experience, there is no substitute for enlisting the services of a qualified marketing consultant. The best consultants possess a range of skills, including the ability to accurately communicate your orthodontics dentists business' most important brand characteristics. Without the presence of an experienced professional, it's easy to miss opportunities in the marketplace and focus your efforts on outdated tactics. Since there is no reason to believe that marketing will become any less important in the orthodontics dentists business arena, businesses are relying on consultants for creative tactics and techniques.


Good marketing is expensive. Like any other business, ROI is a primary marketing concern in your orthodontics dentists business.

Professional mailing lists improve ROI even further. Vendors can filter your lists to likely buyers, reducing mailing costs and increasing the impact of your direct mail campaigns.

Loss Leaders

The majority of orthodontics dentists businesses understand that more customers will walk through the door if a few products are priced at less than full retail value. Moreover, a loss leader marketing strategy can compensate for dead periods when customers tend to making purchases. But to be effective, loss leader marketing requires planning, especially in product selection and price points. For orthodontics dentists businesses, the real benefits of loss leaders emerge through the careful marketing of other products, usually offered at a much higher margin. With adequate preparation, a loss leader promotion can be publicized through all of your company's marketing channels, including the company website.

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