August 2, 2020  
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Want to become a high-profile media darling? If so, you might want to consider going on a press tour. Press tours are a very efficient way to tell your story to editors, producers and journalists in specific geographic areas.

Media Tours

  • East Coast Media Tour or West Coast Media Tour? - You have a limited budget with just enough money to do a single media tour. Every stop counts and now you have to decide which cities to visit. Do you hit the big media markets on the East Coast? Or do you try to make an impact with the tech-savvy West Coast media scene?
  • Media Tour Alternatives - Media tours take time and resources many businesses just don't have. Bu these days, you don't have to jump on an airplane and fly across the country to do an effective media tour. Instead, you can explore an ever-growing list of media tour alternatives.
  • What Is a Media Tour - Media tours have traditionally allowed business leaders to attract geographically diverse media attention for new products or startup companies. But in today's media environment, are media tours still a viable part of a balanced PR campaign?
  • Media Tour Tips - You've decided to launch a media tour to support a new product line. The problem is that you only have one shot at launching the new line and you're never done a media tour before. A successful media tour is within your reach -- all you need are a few tips to show you how to do it right.
  • Media Tour Mistakes - Think your media tour is a slam dunk? Your company may have a great story to tell, but there's no shortage of ways you can undermine your own message and severely damage your media tour before your story has a chance to be told.




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